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Everyone wants another spoonful of delicious food, but how and how much we eat is just as important as what we eat. Food science also comes into play at this point in the kitchen. It examines how we perceive the taste of food and how the presentation of food affects our perception of food. Unlimited DDB signed The help plate The campaign showed how small changes made to the plate affect our perception and how children can eat healthier food. The SpoonTEK spoon, designed by a father and son (Ken and Cameron Davidov), allows us to get more flavor out of food by activating the taste buds of the tongue with an imperceptible electrical current.

SpoonTEK activates the taste buds on the tongue

There are five different taste receptors for sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and salty in human language. These receptors are activated when eating, and thus the senses come into play. Affected by past experiences and hunger of the body, the brain determines the final taste and the perception of taste. SpoonTEK stimulates the taste receptors on the tongue with a mild electrical current and activates the taste buds on the tongue for a more delicious eating experience.

Ken and Cameron Davidov compare SpoonTEK to a kind of binoculars that work for language. SpoonTEK performs the same function for the taste receptors on the tongue, just like our eyes need a pair of lenses to get closer to a certain distance so that we can get a clearer view.


SpoonTEK combines tongue sensation and galvanic stimulation thanks to a system called Galvanic Sensory Technology. The two electrodes on the handle and the inside of the spoon work in coordination. While the user is holding the handle of the spoon, the food is in contact with the electrode of the spoon. SpoonTEK, which transmits the user’s own energy to the food through the spoon, directs these microcurrents to the section in front of the spoon thanks to the electrodes.

This microcurrent works by targeting points on the tongue and palate to further enrich the flavor of the food you eat. Even if the user does not feel this tendency while eating, the palate perceives the difference in taste. Since all the connections and circuits for the bucket are included, it can be easily cleaned with water.


It is possible to get more flavor from diet foods.

This spoon has been specially developed for users who have to consume low-calorie foods that are not very palatable. In this way, even if the foods are low in salt and sugar, spoon foods are more satisfying in terms of taste.

SpoonTEK designers claim that the spoon can also be effective in diseases that cause loss of taste and sensation, such as COVID-19. The spoon, which stimulates the taste buds in the mouth, not only improves the taste, but also helps to keep the taste of the food after meals on the palate. It can be said that thanks to SpoonTEK, the expression of flavors that linger on the palate will be the true equivalent.

Via Indiegogo founded The product has completed the financing process in recent months and the mass production process has started.

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