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Designing technology in a user-centered way is now seen as the basis for “good” results. Doing so has spawned innovations that profoundly shape the world we live in. The principles must be reconsidered, as this world is undergoing unstable, irregular and widespread change. Do we connect or disconnect between ourselves and our decisions? Beyond the classic user-centric design, applicability and feasibility, what new aspects need to be added? What can the disconnected nature of our current context teach us about building a more connected future? Microsoft Director Ed Doran, IDEO Design Research Lead Chioma Ume, Amazon Chief Designer Karin Giefer, and Google Speech Design Advocate and Head of Education Wally Brill addressed these issues. in its SXSW 2021 session.

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In the past, to be able to operate a television, it was necessary to be an engineer, make local adjustments to the antenna and configure it with the correct wave setting. Now we just press the power button and the TV turns on and works. These advancements have also changed the job description for engineers compared to the old days. People’s needs shaped job descriptions and career expectations. We are in a period where everything is moving forward and developing very fast now. As an example, we can give an example of the artificial intelligence-based speech recognition function of computers and telephones that continues to develop as individuals speak.

It is important for companies to communicate with communities to solve problems.

Designed by Microsoft, it allows people with various physical disabilities to play Xbox Adaptive Controller Ed Doran, who gives an example of his product, says that until large-scale collaborators are made, it is not known for what purposes this product can be used. However, once you see and understand the needs, the process moves like a sock. They even decide to renew the product box based on needs and develop a design that will allow people with musculoskeletal problems to open the package more easily. If this product had been launched without establishing a connection with the community, different problems would be encountered from package design to use. Ed Doran, director of Microsoft, highlights the importance of this situation. It highlights the importance of having a dialogue between society and companies.


Another example of the Project Understood by Google for people with Down syndrome. The goal of this project is to focus on how these people can understand Google’s systems. Although you are targeting a completely new audience, these people are not intended to only use and benefit from Google products. At the same time, Google also has the opportunity to meet and understand these people. This interaction leads a farmer from a village in India to easily communicate and use the Internet on a cheap smartphone.

As we can see from these examples, it is very important for companies to be in contact with people and communities from all walks of life. It is an indisputable fact that this mutual communication and connection will shape the future.

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