Solar-powered rechargeable off-road motorcycle

The guards patrol the lands of Africa to prevent poaching. However, the off-road vehicles used during this patrol run on gasoline and consume thousands of liters. However, the sound of the engine can be heard from miles away, and is a warning for hunters to leave the area before the guards arrive. Sweden-based electric motorcycle company cake has partnered with Southern African Wildlife College and Goal Zero to offer a special motorcycle that will make the work of anti-poaching units easier and less damaging to the environment. .


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Electric motorcycle suitable for off-road conditions in Africa

CAKE, wanting to help protect wildlife in Africa, has designed a motorcycle that can be charged with solar energy. The company specializing in electric dirt bikes is launching an optimized and specially redesigned motorcycle for protectors over an existing model. This tool called Kalk AP; With its tires, suspensions, bodywork and fenders, it is specially designed for rough terrain. In addition, the mechanical parts and electronic components are kept in a closed body to avoid being affected by dust in the field. Here a biodegradable polymeric material is used for all plastic products. In this way, CAKE supports its mission of sustainability in all aspects.

The software and structural features of the motorcycle are being modified to accommodate the high temperatures in Africa. Given that torque will be more important than speed in these terrain conditions, CAKE employees make the necessary software adjustments for optimal performance with this in mind.


Possibility of charging with portable solar panels

The electric motorcycle, which weighs approximately 80 kilograms, allows up to three hours of riding at a time thanks to its 2.6kWh battery. It can reach 90 km / h and has three different driving modes. The battery can also be removed from the motorcycle and charged separately. Kalk AP can be charged in the field with solar power systems that Goal Zero will install in the region. The solar panel and the charging kit weighing about 20 kilograms can be used mobile and can be brought to the appropriate location. In this way, a charging station can be placed next to every motorcycle in the region.


CAKE is organizing the Kalk AP initiative as a charity drive and donates motorcycles purchased directly to the Guardians. With each purchase, a motorcycle and a mobile solar station are shipped to Africa, while a motorcycle is shipped to the buyer. Additionally, part of the proceeds from the sale is donated to Southern African Wildlife College. A limited number of bikes were produced, each with a special number, and only 50 will be sold.

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