Soda Joy with Bos Ross Bigumigu

Love Painting Bob Ross, one of the soothing parts of our childhood with his comforting expression, is an immortal painter. Beyond the paintings he does, he is a source of inspiration in many creative fields as a character. Especially in advertising campaigns We often witness his revived works. The soda brand Mountain Dew also preferred to get the audience on time with Bob Ross in his new commercial.

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Mountain Dew to release a longer version of the film

Mountain dewCreative agency to revive Bob Ross (1942-1995) through CGI TBWA / Chiat / Day New York Y Bob Ross Foundation Collaborated with. In the film, the painter is seen painting one of his landscapes as usual. When you look closely, you see that there is a soda bottle in the middle of the view. When the camera zooms in, it is seen to be a Mountain Dew brand soda and Ross is painting “happy droplets” on the bottle. Then the artist says: “Sometimes you are a little quiet in life” and takes the bottle from the painting and sews it on his head.

According to Mountain Dew’s statement, Ross’s images were combined using CGI technology with images of an actor whose body and behavior resembled him. Once again, according to the brand statement, a long movie “Paint With Bob” will be released on March 6, where Ross will teach you how to make Mountain Dew soda. A special gift paint set will also be distributed as part of the campaign and a charity virtual auction will be held.

Visual: YouTube

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