Social media application where you can choose your interests and find out what your friends think: Mirket

Created as a social media platform based on asking questions Meerkathas come up with the idea of ​​making social media platforms that touch all aspects of life, from daily routines to professional life, more entertaining, instructive, and turn opinions into real life. Because the platform helps you to know what those around you and those you follow, experts in their fields, think about current problems.

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With Mirket, which is a social media platform where you can keep the pulse of society on your agenda and interests, you can transmit your ideas, thoughts and experiences with the opinions that you will give Mirk, you can follow the agenda with Mirk, and follow the results after creating Mirk.

In February 2020 Berker Gurcihan Founded by Angel Investment, Mirket released its beta to life in October. Developed further with user feedback and ease of use, Mirket is now both App storeas well as Google Play StoreIt can be downloaded from.

The platform provides interaction with questions and answers.

After downloading Mirket from the app store, you first create a membership and when you become a Mirket member, you are faced with a screen showing curiosity about your interests. After determining the areas you are interested in, content tailored to you begins to appear on your home page. You benefit from creating the agenda by interacting with questions and answers in these contents.

The platform allows you to filter the answers to the questions that interest you according to age range, gender and city information and observe how the results differ according to the audiences. By doing so, you affirm that you have never shared your personal information with anyone.

There is also a competition feature in Meerkat

One of Mirket’s future goals is to highlight expert profiles in the stakeholder group. Based on this purpose, Mirket will allow its users to collect experience points that respond correctly to the future predictions that they have created specifically for their areas of interest, and will reveal expert profiles with this feature. By including the competition system in the application, the team aims to increase the level of entertainment and interaction of the application user with the competitions that are going to be organized.

The initial investment received a valuation of over TL 3 million

Platform, Initial investment received by angel investors with a valuation of more than TL 3 million. Although it was launched yesterday, it has already reached more than 1500 users.

Meerkat in the next period, as soon as major social media platforms such as an application-focused Turkey intend to enter the rivals. In post-pandemic planning, you aim to allow users to realize their ideas with events and activities that will take place according to user feedback. In this context, let us remember that Mirket’s first activity was the support visit to the Ümraniye Animal Shelter, which took place on April 12.

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