Smart fabric acting as Bigumigu screen function

Technologies that can turn ordinary surfaces into displays and similar interactive surfaces have emerged frequently in recent years. More recently, researchers at the University of Bristol added screens to the surface when sprayed on custom 3D printed objects. ProtoSpray We mentioned that he was developing a spray called. Transforming tattoos, stickers and textile products into interactive surfaces, also in the lane of wearable technology. numerous innovations we were witnesses. Researchers at Fudan University also addressed the screen / display problem in terms of wearable technology and developed smart electronics.

The research team doing its work in Shanghai; By integrating illuminating conductive fibers and flexible textiles, he developed a functional “textile screen” system based on large-area display textiles. As a result of the research, the team produced a woven screen 6 meters long and 0.25 meters wide.

The “woven screen” can be quickly integrated into standard textile production

The fabric produced by the team is breathable and machine washable over and over again. Professor Peng Huisheng stated that the cloth contains 500,000 electroluminescent units. This means that the cloth display can meet the resolution requirements of some practical applications. Therefore, the “screen textiles” made of smart electronic cloth, a screen where people can search for information, send and receive messages It can work in the form.


It will make life easier for many people, especially people with disabilities.

The system developed by the research team; It is defined as an integrated system with functions such as visualization, sensing and power supply based on flexible textiles. The system; It is anticipated to meet important needs in various areas, including healthcare, real-time positioning, and smart communication. Professor Peng Huisheng points out that it will contribute to the lives of people with disabilities in particular. According to Peng, people with speech impairments will be able to communicate efficiently and comfortably with their surroundings using screen cloth in the future. Again, during scientific expeditions, you will be able to display the user’s location information in real time with a touch of the garment. Intelligent electronic fabric; It is also underlined that it can be easily integrated into standard textile production, Internet of things, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence.

blankWoven screen

Picture: China News

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