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Mohit Bhoite, an engineer who designed IoT (internet of things) products, is an enthusiastic manufacturer who wanted to freely create electronic circuits in his personal time. Static and moving electronic circuits, where sound, light and movement are at the forefront, sometimes have a representation in the form of human beings, but sometimes they look like a product of science fiction movies. Bhoite, who has a master’s degree in robotics, made his experience here in tiny robotics sculptures using it to do.

Emerging art of electrical components

In statues, which are usually in the shape of a circuit board, connections are made with brass or copper wires, and simple connections are made on a small LED screen or small light circuits. At the end of this magical combination, small sculptures, almost the size of a finger, look quite aesthetically pleasing.

Although some of the sculptures only offer an eye-pleasing design, some sculptures also attract attention for their functionality. The snake game, which can be played with one hand thanks to the little arcade machine he created and the little joystick it has, can be shown as an example of these circuits.

Bhoite has designed these circuits so that he can distract himself and have fun at the end of a long day at work. Instagram: Y twitter Sharing on your account. Also personal on the website He shows the process step by step by sharing all the pieces of the sculptures he made, the piece of code he used for the circuit and the construction adventure. In this way, he also encourages those who want to make freeform circuit sculptures.

Visual: Instagram

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