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IKEA always comes up with a variety of ideas that we can combine your understanding of sustainability with creative ideas and help the planet. It put an end to the tradition of printed catalogs that has been going on for 70 years and is published regularly every year. explaining the brand uses creative ways to recycle old catalogs. Hack-alogue had shown with. Convert waste plastic bottles into various products, taking into account cost, function, quality, and environmental impact. Bottles counted in the campaign.

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The change for a better planet begins in your own home

With the goal of helping people make positive changes for the planet, the brand seeks to show the power of small but effective actions. Rethink He continues to maintain this attitude in the Our Little World campaign prepared by.

The commercial, which is broadcast as small universes floating in the void of space, features people living in their own little world. A girl sleeping in her bed, a man working at his desk at home, a woman watering her flowers. Each one is floating in the void of their own tiny planet that resembles the story of The Little Prince. It is shown that on these isolated but connected planets, it is possible to feel in community without being physically juxtaposed.

Adopting the motto “Change for a better planet begins in your own home”, IKEA reminds us that there is always the opportunity to think about sustainable solutions even when we are in our homes and sends a hopeful message.

Mark zibert In the animated CGI film directed by Ş., He focuses on how the little touches that we will create within ourselves can combine to make a difference to the world during the period of the pandemic when human interaction decreases and we try to stay in our homes. .


Client: IKEA
Agency: Rethink
Production Company: Scouts Honor
Director: Mark Zibert
Visual Effects: A52

Visual: YouTube

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