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Founded in 2017 by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding, Polestar is an independent Swedish brand of electric vehicles. The company, which aims to produce and implement new ideas in urban infrastructure and mobility, focuses on transport and shopping preferences that have changed with the pandemic and creates a mini electric transport vehicle.

The name of the three-wheel electric cargo scooter produced by Polestar with an innovative approach to electric mobility. Remove. This vehicle, comparable to an electric sled, occupies a place among sustainable mobility solutions. In cities where the pandemic is leading to less noise and environmental pollution, the rapid rise in preference for online shopping is the main reason behind Re: Move’s design and production idea. Inspired by the items that people carry on their scooters, the team creates a new concept by combining this electric mobility vehicle with a design more suitable for carrying loads.


Re: Move can carry 275 kg

The electric cargo vehicle, which is produced from fully recyclable low-carbon aluminum, is said to be able to carry a 275-kilogram load despite its compact build. This situation, which allows transporting large weights, is the most important feature of Re: Move that makes the difference.


Re: Move is designed by designer Konstantin Grcic and a group of engineers specializing in electric mobility. However, among the manufacturers of electric scooters, the Swedish manufacturer of the electric motorcycle Kalk AP, which is offered for guards trying to prevent poaching in Africa. CAKE is also available. The vehicle, which has a very simple and straightforward design, has a long horizontal platform and a vertical riding handlebar. Grcic says that this plain, simple and open design makes the work beautiful. think. Re: Move, a concept product for now, will be produced and tested after the second half of 2021.

With this project, Polestar and other manufacturers will also participate in a question and answer session at SXSW 2021. It will answer questions about the future of electric mobility.

Picture: Polar Star

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