Siniora Food owns 77 percent of Polonez

More than 30 years in the delicatessen meat products industry Polynesian Trakya Et ve Süt Ürünleri San. see Tic. 77 percent of the shares of A.Ş. Siniora food Acquisition by Industries completed.

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The Competition Board, Trakya Et ve Süt Ürünleri San. go Tic. AŞ’s 77 percent stake in the $ 28.3 million acquisition by Siniora Food Industries approved the deal. Based in Jordan, Arab Palestine Investment Company (APIC) Siniora Food Industries Company, a subsidiary, thus also officially started its activities in Turkey.

Description in the opinion of the place given the president of APIC, Tarek Aggad, splolöz subject of regional purchase and is part of the strategy to increase its market share on a global scale, the Turkey markets of Europe and said there was an important position to themselves in reaching the global market.

Siniora Food Industries Group CEO Majdi Al-Sharif also stated that adding Polonez to Siniora’s portfolio will increase the value of both brands. With this acquisition, Al-Sharif announced that they expect Siniora’s revenues to increase by approximately $ 50 million by the end of the year.


Polonez CEO and CEO Boran Uzun said: “Siniora is a brand that was founded in 1920 and has a 100-year history. This investment is a strategic step that will support the growth strategy of both brands and increase their competitiveness “.

With this strength, we will fight for leadership in the delicatessen meat products market. As Grupo Siniora through Turkey, in line with our expansion strategy in Europe to reach the global market and we will continue with our investments ”, he said.

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