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There is intense competition for sustainability in the sports shoe universe. Emilie Burfeind’s compostable shoes made from shed dog hair Sneature It was one of the most interesting examples recently. Shoe project Jen Keane created the fabric with bacteria This has grown and the base is made of waste gum Gumshoe it was also one of the creative projects. Now for Laura Muth Shoes with expiration date Next, there is a compostable shoe design called.

A modular and fully compostable design – shoes with an expiration date

Sports shoes are among the products that generate the most waste in the world because they are difficult to recycle. Nearly 300 million pairs of shoes each year in the United States alone thrown away and it takes up to 40 years for them to finally decompose in nature. Realize the environmental impact of shoe waste on our planet Laura muthcreated the prototype shoe “Expiration Date Shoes”, a modular design made entirely of biodegradable material.

In the fast fashion industry, carbon-intensive non-renewable resources, such as petrochemical textiles, are commonly used to make items such as shoes. This makes this industry one of the most carbon emitting sectors today.

The prototype of Muth’s Shoes with an expiration date, which is in the modeling phase, is still in development and therefore not ready to be released yet. Interestingly, Muth aims to create a shoe that lasts much longer than shoes made from non-renewable resources like plastic currently on the market. Then they will be completely compostable.

The design eliminates the need for toxic adhesives thanks to its modular structure. All parts of the shoe can be attached with a compostable shoelace. All the pieces are made by hand and with compostable materials that can be obtained locally, wherever the consumer is located.

Shoe sole; Made from dandelion root latex extract, straw, sawdust and natural dyes. Molded with comfort and orthopedic support in mind. The rope and the lateral support that hold the shoe are made of cellulose felt and woven hemp.

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