Serra Yılmaz: “I am aware that the engineering and technology sector is dominated by men for now”

Serra Yilmaz, For almost 20 years, he has worked at different levels and departments in the technology sector, from commercial marketing to General Management. Now PaynetHe works as Deputy Director General Responsible for Marketing and Products.

“My focus has shifted to the IT sector”

The seasoned manager says, “Mathematics has been a talented and passionate subject that I have been passionate about since my childhood. My goals were clear throughout my educational life,” says the seasoned manager. Yılmaz explains that he switched his focus to the IT sector after noticing the dizzying developments in the world of the Internet and technology in the early 2000s. He says that he completed my Master’s in Management Information Systems at Işık University to increase your skills in both administration and computing.

“I never faced gender discrimination in my school years. In fact, the female student population at ITU was very low in those years. Although engineering and technology seem like a male-dominated industry, especially our teachers believe that human resources for working in this field are insufficient and there are great opportunities for everyone. he said. that is why our class is usually quite competitive. they were very good years, we have tried many lessons that we visited, dusted, had fun. a part of some abroad in Turkey , my friends, we meet regularly, we have continued to say, “tells how the school year late.

Serra Yilmaz says: “There is always a sweet rush to go further and improve. I took many lessons from school to quickly enter the world of business,” he says, adding: “When I wasted time in my senior year, it immediately entered in the business world “.

According to him, today’s business world leads the strongest platforms where women can express themselves. In particular, it states that the need for highly skilled labor in Turkey and the competition is fierce. That is why it says that it determines a target sector and tries to develop multidisciplinary competence there.

46 percent of employment at Paynet are women.

Yılmaz points out that the overall female employment rate at Paynet is 46 percent, while female representation in execution is 50 percent, and she thinks she is very fortunate in this regard. Yılmaz explains her experiences as a female manager in this sector as follows:

It is not easy being a manager for a long time in an ever-changing competitive industry like the IT industry. Because we are all actually tech novices. We wake up every day with a new technological agenda. In this context, I think it is necessary to get rid of old and useless information and make room for innovations in a habit. I’ve always looked for long-term friendships and business alliances in business and in life. I think this creates a compound interest effect and provides more material and moral gains. I don’t know, I have not come across a sexist attitude because I generally have a clear attitude. However, there is a truth that I know and believe with all my heart; I don’t think it is possible to have long-term cooperation with people who have a discriminatory view on any issue.

Adding that the female population is still not enough in the Turkish business world, Yılmaz supports this argument with data from TÜİK. According to the 2019 study, it says that the labor force participation of women, who make up almost half of the population, is below 30 percent.

Especially in sectors like technology, the female employment rate decreases. According to a survey conducted by women working in the information technology sector, the Honeypot rate is 17.5 percent, while the average in OECD countries remains below 10 percent in Turkey. . I believe that the education and guidance system in our country should be redesigned in a way that encourages women to enter business life, discover their own talents, and boldly pursue their dreams.

On the other hand, if we want to increase the weight of women in the business world, I believe that women should show solidarity in the business world. There are several women’s business networks and organizations in this regard. For example, I am a member of Turkish WIN and Wtechturkey. I believe that we must close ranks and get closer to be aware of business opportunities, to identify and combat the problems we face in the business world. Through these platforms, I am excited to reach the executive candidates of tomorrow and provide them with the mentoring support they need.

Tech says it is a constantly changing and developing sector and concludes: “I am aware that the engineering and technology sector is dominated by men for now. We just saw that a global giant technology company agreed to pay close to $ 4 million on the grounds of gender discrimination in hiring. However, as the use of technological products and services becomes more widespread in society, I also observe that the need for multidisciplinary approaches devoid of pure rationality increases. Innovation teams They no longer only have computer engineers We must not ignore that it is the most important factor that lifts industries and our society. I believe in. “

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