Serhat Demir: “In 5 years, we will find new business areas related to technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, automation of robotic processes”

With the 2020 pandemic, revolutionary transformations took place around the world. Agility, quick decision making and predictability in business processes have now become much more important. Especially in the information and technology sector, not only in technical roles, but also in non-technical areas, talents are sought who can act with data, read and implement technology well and who are open to innovation. Companies follow new technologies; away from routine processes, eager to gain productive and proactive capabilities within Turkey’s national tech companies … Turkcell one of them …

The highest monthly hire in the last 5 years occurred in January

Deputy Director General of the company responsible for law, regulation and human resources Serhat demirHe says that in the Turkcell ecosystem, there is no pause in the current work system or recruitment processes due to the pandemic. It states that Turkcell Human Resources continues in accordance with the recruitment schedule included in its strategic planning. The company has expanded its team with well-trained and highly competent people, especially in the technical field, in line with the increase in the number of people using its digital services and the growing and diverse communication needs since the first quarter. Demir says: “The number of new jobs, which reached a total of 7,892 people in 2020, continues to increase without slowing down in 2021. In January 2021, we achieved the highest monthly recruitment in the last 5 years.”

The company especially focuses on candidates who have education and experience in the field of technology, as the volume of business in digital products and services that it develops and offers on a global scale has increased significantly during the pandemic period. Serhat Demir says that they do not limit their recruitment to just these areas, adding: “Our recruitment continues in many areas, from information and communication technology to finance, marketing and sales to human resources. During the COVID-19 process, we first decided further expand our software development team. Recently, we have hired software development experts to work in areas such as Turkcell Digital Services and Solutions, CRM, network technology development, financial technologies, and hospital information management systems. We believe that the fields of games and telemedicine offer great opportunities The innovative approach brought by the new generation, who is the pioneer of digital transformation at Turkcell, is very important to us.

Serhat Demir says that working with new generations is different compared to previous generations and continues his words as follows: “We are organizing the sixth of our GNÇYTNK program for new candidates this year. The talented young people who are at the beginning of their Business life is always very precious to us. We have added a Turkcell gencimizi. In addition, we are still hundreds of young people, through our STAJCELL program doing internships in the different departments of Turkcell, to discover their talents with their projects and have the opportunity to We started the period of the pandemic, we had a project called Unlimited Talent, great to create benefits for young people in Turkey We started a national digital experience project and created the opportunity for our 10,010 young people to develop through different trainings and workshops, along with mentors, support and having an ex unique work experience. Our open young people are very valuable to us. We are expanding our talent pool with project camps, hackathons, and online contests that we host throughout the year. The flexible model, which we now call “mobile work” and which enables remote working, has become one of the most important reasons to choose a company for the new generation of employee candidates. Mobility, which has created a competitive advantage for companies, especially in the recent period, will continue to guide business life after the pandemic. In this context, we focus on the talents of the future and improve our working methods day by day in line with the needs of Gen Z. Our ultimate goal is to take Turkcell into the future with the vision and synergy of the most talented young people. , equipped and innovative of our country, and achieve its ambitious global goals, with our faith in the power and future of our country. “

On the one hand, in this period of dizzying change and transformation, companies operating globally switched to online platforms. According to Serhat Demir, e-commerce related positions such as Digital Marketing Specialist, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Data Analyst, Product Manager and Category Manager have gained more prominence in this context. Arguing that with the changing world, voice communication has long ceased to be the core business, the manager said: “We are an innovative technology company producing national solutions. We are making all our preparations to bring 5G technology to our country, which will make daily life easier and leverage industries for years to come. The goal of further developing our Internet and AI-based applications and services will continue our pioneering role in the technology journey of Turkey, mainly 5G including artificial intelligence, internet of objects, we will find new business areas related to new technologies such as robotic process automation, ”he said while speaking.

5 interview tips for new candidates …

When the Turkish technology training criteria say that they forced the degrees to work in companies in search of human resources and adds: “In our country in recent years universities were established, needed by technology companies such as Turkcell, which opened in many parts of human power. Every year, they have received training in the field of software and communications technology, thousands of candidates apply for open jobs within Turkcell. “Immediately after these words, he lists his interview suggestions for new candidates as follows way:

  • When new candidates are invited for an interview, we recommend that they first research the institution they applied to. Obtaining information about the products and services provided from the website of the requested company, and even having an idea about the structure and operation of the company from sources such as annual reports are some of the factors that make a difference in interviews .
  • Second, candidates have information about the position applied for. It is an important issue for HR officers to have a “story” showing the candidate’s suitability for the position. At this point, it will be a differentiating move between you and other candidates to provide detailed answers and concrete examples of the ‘candidate qualifications sought’ specified in the job posting.
  • At the beginning of the interview, new graduates with no work experience are asked classic questions about their life and educational interests. Being prepared for these types of questions helps the candidate to have a good interview. Plus, the internship experiences that will be added to the resume ensure that fewer classic questions will be asked.
  • One of the most important characteristics that HR officials look for in new candidates is that they closely follow the national and global agenda. It is a great advantage for candidates to know the new trends related to the position that interests them especially and to follow the current evolution of the sector.
  • Finally, it is also very important how excited the candidate is about the relevant position and how much their positive outlook can reflect. The important details in the eyes of HR officers are that new candidates maintain their spirited mood and can confidently answer challenging questions before entering the interview.

Only the GNÇYTNK program has been applied to 40,742,000 young candidates since its inception. GNÇYTNK Applications for the program will continue until March 10. The company also offered Turkish professionals living abroad the opportunity to work at Turkcell with the ‘Stars Are Back’ program, which it launched last year to support reverse brain drain. Women in employment in engineers one of the most important initiatives in Turkey “Future Project of Women Writers” supported by women’s entrepreneurship and mobile application development.

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