Self-service setup experience on Casper and Excalibur computers

Casper As per the description, introduced in the new Windows 10 Pro operating systems Windows autopilot With this feature, computers are now ready to use in minutes.

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On Casper and Excalibur computers where the Windows operating system is used, the experience is further enhanced and the time for devices to be ready to use after purchase is reduced. Long loading times, personalization for employees, and information technology interventions are eliminated.


Time-saving innovation for IT teams also saves teams time on other development and troubleshooting. While maximizing business efficiency and time savings, it also facilitates business transformation in cloud-based device management. With all these characteristics, a new protection shield is provided to institutions in information and data security. Thanks to Windows Autopilot, it increases the satisfaction of employees who survived many annoying situations, while also increasing the performance and productivity of employees.

For companies that want to take advantage of the Windows Autopilot feature, it is enough to buy Casper computers with Windows 10 Pro and define the devices in the management system.

Employees are required to log into their computers after the profiles that will be determined by the IT teams for the first installs. Thanks to the adjustments to be made specifically for each department of the company, each employee enjoys the advantage of having the ideal work platforms in a matter of minutes.

To take advantage of the Windows autopilot feature, you can visit and browse the Casper and Excalibur computer models.

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