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Apart from games on consoles or our smartphones, arcade games have always been a passion for lovers of retro games. Especially when we consider that a generation spends time in arcades, we can understand how fond of gaming machines are. Today they are popular again, arcade machines are blowing the retro breeze. It is also possible to experience the same feeling on smaller devices instead of giant machines. Retro game console the size of a keychain FunKey SCombining classic Super Impulse games with a retro experience tiny machines and handmade by Love Hultén devices Examples of these designs can be shown. SEGA, one of the first video game companies to come to mind when it comes to Arcade, is also offering a tiny version of their Astro City machine for sale.

Astro City Mini with 37 classic SEGA games

One of the arcade machines that those who passed the 90’s will remember in arcades Astro City, It was released by SEGA in 1993. The device, which contains games that can be considered masterpieces of the time such as Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Die Hard Arcade, is still the product that many gamers will want to see at home. The Astro City Mini, which SEGA will launch especially for lovers of this machine, is a mini version of the same device. Unlike the previous version, this mini arcade machine combines 37 classic SEGA games.

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The device itself has a small LCD screen and HDMI output. It also has a headphone output and two USC-A ports. In this way, it is possible to play games with the game controller. Thanks to the ports, the game can be transferred to a larger screen and can be played more comfortably. Of course, considering that the joke is to turn the old big machine into a tiny device and add a cuter design in terms of design, I think these characteristics are not of great importance.

This mini machine, which was announced last year and was only available in Japan at the time, is also available for the US market. In total, only 3,500 Astro City Mini devices were produced. Thanks to Limited Run Games, users with an English language option will be presented. In addition to the mini machine, which will be sold for $ 130, the small accessories and the game kit will be sold separately.

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