Sedat Yıldırım: “Consumers experienced digital in the supermarket area, regardless of age, profession or segment”

The first Webrazzi event in 2021 Webrazzi Ecommerce 2021it started to happen online. From 2021 expectations in e-commerce to digital user preferences in 2020, from collaborations in the e-commerce ecosystem to live shopping, from multi-channel marketing to known errors in e-commerce, many topics will follow. being on our agenda. for the whole day.

Webrazzi E-Commerce in 2021, Sedat Yıldırım, founder and CEO of istegelsin He was on stage with his presentation “Pandemic and then a new stage in food retail: electronic commerce”.

Pandemic accelerates the digitization of the online supermarket

Sedat Yildirim, 2020 you want for going fast; He said that this period brought about changes in our lives that not all of us could imagine. In addition to all these changes, 2020 has been a special year in the digitization of supermarkets. Sedat Yıldırım said that while Istegelsin was established to serve customers effortlessly and smoothly, it has become an online supermarket experienced by many people with the pandemic.

Many areas were digitized before this period, but the digitization of supermarkets was slower, explained Sedat Yıldırım. With the impact of the pandemic in 2020, this process accelerated incredibly and the online supermarket industry reached out to many new customers. Yıldırım said that consumers experienced digital in the supermarket area in this period, regardless of their age, profession, segment; He stated that the number of clients who tried their luck in this experience continues to increase.

The online consumer goods industry grew 159 percent in 2020

Turkey in 2020. The months of March, April and May in the purchases in supermarkets from the Internet have multiplied by four; The amount of the basket exceeded 178 liras. According to Nielsen data, while the consumer goods sector increased 57 percent in 2019, it reached 159 percent in 2020. Especially during the pandemic period, when demand increased, many brands, such as former players in The internet and discount stores entered the online supermarket sector. Istegelsin opened its APIs to other companies during this period and has published many collaborations since then. Istegelsin Morhipo has collaborated with companies such as Vodafone, BiSu, A choice. Sedat Yıldırım said that new collaborations are also on the way.

80% customer retention rate at istegelsin

Sedat Yıldırım said Istegelsin makes direct purchases from manufacturers and runs the entire process from consumer to refrigerator. Delivering your orders through dark stores without breaking the cold chain makes it a standout brand for consumers. During the pandemic period, it was asked what percentage of clients would be permanent clients; The average of the studies showed that this was around 49 percent. Yildirim explained that this rate was 80 percent if he wished.

The online supermarket sector will accelerate in the next 5 years in Turkey

Yildirim, Turkey in the next 5 years, believes that the online supermarket sector will grow first. Developments such as curiosity to test applications, digitization experiences, and digitization of banks will accelerate this. This growth will take place with the growth of companies and the entry of new players in the market, as if you wish. Expanding into new regions, meeting new customers in existing regions, and collaborations will accelerate this process and lead the company to this goal.

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