Section4, the platform where professors from distinguished universities provide online business training, received an investment of 30 million dollars.

Aiming to provide business training and increase business skills Section 4, General catalyst on the Series A investment tour under the leadership of $ 30 million Investment received. To the investment tour Learn capital Y GSV Ventures also participated. With the new investment, the investment amount that the company has received so far has reached 37 million dollars. The company announced that it will use the new investment it receives to develop content and expand its team.

Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Business School Launched in 2019, Section4 operates as an online education platform designed for professionals who want to learn from the world’s best business school instructors and are also looking for a cheaper option than a traditional MBA.

Last year, Section4 around the world More than 10,000 students in 97 countries He gave training. It is worth noting that we are telling the learner by word of mouth, because the majority of registered users are people who work in large, global and corporate companies. More than 33 percent of students taking Section 4 courses are C-level administrators. Section4 has trained and continues to provide employees of companies such as Airbnb, Boston Consulting Group, Coca-Cola, Google, Netflix, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Salesforce, Unilever and Visa. Professors on the platform are names who work at schools like NYU Stern, Kellogg, Stanford University, and Berkeley Haas.

Section4 founder Scott Galloway says the platform was created to provide an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading business school instructors. Galloway claims that there are hundreds of thousands of companies looking for a platform to develop their workforce and they are closing this gap like Section4.

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