Search engine that finds images with similar artistic styles

Various search engine projects aiming to satisfy different needs for years. we give place. On the other hand, we don’t always find examples that work for the creative world. Engineer Jacob Jackson’s search engine using image categories to find similar images Same Energy the kind you would notice and consider using.

A search engine totally focused on the visual search experience.

Same Energy is one of the most striking things in the design is the categories that you see at the top. These categories are divided into titles like “Pictures”, “3D renderings”, “diagrams” which are useful for the creative world. When you examine it a little more, you see that these are actually feeds beyond being categories. Even better, as a user, you can add your own custom feeds. The design is very minimalist. That is why it is practical to use. You don’t need to upload the image that you will use as a reference for the search, just copy and paste it into the search bar. I have made a few attempts and I can say that the results have been quite satisfactory. For example, you can search for your own drawing and discover other creators doing similar work to you. That is why the search engine definitely deserves its name. Because you can really find jobs with the same energy. Of course, you can also search by words.

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Jacob Jackson said that he believes that visual search should be truly visual and can be done with a minimum of words. More important; He thinks that the visual should integrate not only the objects it contains, but also a rich visual understanding by capturing his artistic style and general mood.

In the meantime, let me add that the site is still in beta. There are some things that Jackson is still working on. That being said, please consider feedback on functionality very important. It is constantly updated based on user comments and requests.

Image: Jacob jackson

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