Saros Research: People are tired of the government and the economy, they want early elections

Real Agenda: March Saros Research Agenda and Turkey Politics revealed the surprising results of the survey.

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Saros Research has released the March Political Agenda and Turkey survey. 3042 people were interviewed in the face-to-face questionnaire and CATI (computer-assisted telephone questionnaire).

Citizens, “Do you think that today is the most important problem in Turkey?” 30.6% economy, 29.8% coronavirus, 14.5% unemployment, 6.4% government, 6.2% judicial / judicial system, 5% opposition, 4% education, 1.6% health, 0.8 % terrorism, 0.2% Syrians.

“What political party do you think can solve these problems?” The citizens’ response to the question was 32.2% AKP, 19.0% CHP, 12.1% HDP, 10.5% MHP, 8.9% Good Party.

“How do you see the performance of the government in general?” 61.8 percent of citizens responded “unsuccessfully” to the question, while 38.2 percent said “successfully.”

“In general, do you consider that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is successful?” The answers given to the question were “yes” with a rate of 42.3 percent and “no” with a rate of 57.7 percent.

“Do you think Turkey should continue? Does the presidential system of government or a parliamentary system want to return?” The answers to the question are as follows:

The presidential government should continue with the system: 40.7 percent

Return to parliamentary system: 59.3 percent

“Do you think 2023 should be done before a snap election in Turkey?” 65.7 percent answered “yes” to the question. 34.3 percent answered “no”.

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