Samsung introduced Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G

Samsung Electronicsthe latest flagship devices that make it easy for smartphone users to express themselves Galaxy S21 5G Y Galaxy S21 + 5GHe introduced.

Developed for today’s lifestyle Galaxy S21 Series smartphones are equipped with state-of-the-art innovations to allow users to enjoy every moment at the highest level.

The new flagship series features a bold and iconic new design, an epic pro-level camera for all levels of users, and the most advanced processor ever used in a Galaxy device. Each device in the series, SamsungIt is equipped with the power and performance characteristics developed by.

Samsung Electronics Mobile World President and CEO Dr. TM RohHe said: “We live in a world where mobile devices come first. In an age where many of us continue to work remotely and spend more time at home, we wanted to provide a smartphone experience that could meet the intense multimedia needs of our ever-changing routines. Also, aware of the importance of offering different options, we developed the Galaxy S21 Series so that users can freely choose the device that best suits their style and needs. ”

President of Samsung Electronics Turkey Philip Choi “With our Galaxy S Series smartphones that we have been developing for a decade at Samsung, we continue to provide innovative flagship mobile experiences for anyone who uses their smartphones to express themselves, stay connected and have fun. We equip them with cutting edge technology for our users in Turkey which we see as one of our priority markets, we are pleased to offer the new Galaxy S21 series. We designed this series to deliver the best flagship smartphone experience and make users’ everyday life legendary. For users looking for a flagship mobile device experience, the Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G will appeal to all categories, with professional-grade camera innovations and top-notch performance and different pricing options, “he said.

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The Galaxy S21 series has been developed to express itself with its bold new design. The Galaxy S21 5G is designed to live up to expectations with its compact 6.2-inch display and lightweight design, while the Galaxy S21 + 5G has a larger 6.7-inch screen and a larger battery.

In this sense, they stand out as a perfect choice for those who like to play for hours or watch episodes of the series in a row.

The Galaxy S21 series, striking despite its simple elegance, fits perfectly into the metal frame that completes its aesthetic appearance, Iconic Special Cut Chamber Designalso have.

Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G are available in a range of striking color options, including the Phantom Violet signature. The back of both devices in the series is covered in a misty finish for a sophisticated look and feel.

Galaxy S21 5G; The smart, frameless, Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity-O 120Hz display with adaptive refresh rate offers an eye-catching appearance as well as smoother scrolling and viewing.

Social networksAutomatically adjusts the frame rate according to the content you watch while browsing or watching broadcasts. This screen will not strain your eyes either. New to help reduce eyestrain Smart Eye Protection Shield Automatically adjusts the blue light level based on how long you are watching, content, or your sleep time.


The Galaxy S21 series also continues Samsung’s legendary camera quality with professional-grade enhancements and video innovations, allowing users of all skill levels to capture great shots.

Whether your dog is seeing himself in the mirror for the first time, funny moments from his late night gaming fun, or capturing images from a trip, the Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G won’t disappoint. Point and pull your phone and your Galaxy S21 Series will do the hard work for you. So you don’t waste any moment.

Developed Snap 8K The feature allows you to capture sharp frames from your 8K videos. In this way, each time you press the save button, it is possible to capture both the motion itself and the moving frames. 60 fps Super balanced video Thanks to its function, the images you take look extremely clean whether you’re in a hurry or on the go.

The new Director’s View feature lets you preview your footage, make transitions, and select the best shots for your best stories. Vlogger With its framing, you can record video with your front and rear cameras at the same time to capture responses in real time, change the angle by previewing with Live Thumbnails, and switch between close-up or wide shot.

Samsung is new Galaxy Buds Pro By pairing your devices with headphones, you can capture both ambient sound and your own voice with the multi-microphone recording function. In this way, you can use your Buds Pro as an audio microphone by placing your Galaxy S21 series device on a tripod in pro-level video mode, and you can record your speech, movements, and background sounds in perfect quality while he’s away from the phone. .

With the power of artificial intelligence, beloved Multi shot with one click The feature also allows you to capture various photo and video formats with a single tap. This feature, further enhanced by new video settings like Highlight Video and Dynamic Slow Motion, reflecting a professional flair, lets you capture stunning shots and reflections while focusing on the most exciting action.

The Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G’s pro-level AI-enabled triple camera system is designed for when you want to take control by taking more planned and creative shots.

The camera system intuitively evaluates the scenes you shoot and allows you to capture perfect images in any environment while keeping up with the scenes. Portrait modeWhile inside, the AI-powered camera separates the object from the background more precisely, using advanced three-dimensional analysis. In addition, it provides options such as virtual studio lighting and artificial intelligence-compatible background effects, allowing the object to stand out in the frame. This feature selfieIt works for you too.

In challenging distant shots, while walking or sitting in the back seat, you can take sharp, steady shots with the advanced Spatial Zoom feature. Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G are new Zoom lock The function, which uses artificial intelligence, places your focal point in the center of the frame, reducing hand shake and allowing you to capture perfect images at 30x zoom.

Plus, you can capture brighter images even in dark environments with advanced processing power, and you can take photos that do justice to gorgeous sunsets and landscapes.



Samsung aims to keep you connected, keep your data safe, and do all of this in a more harmonious and personalized way. Galaxy S21 SeriesBy allowing you to seamlessly connect to the Galaxy ecosystem while offering next-generation performance, it offers you more flexibility no matter what your routine is. So you can do more with confidence.

Galaxy users love and expect a powerful experience. The Galaxy S21 series is the newest and most advanced ever used in the Galaxy series smartphone to your processor, energy efficiencywhat and embedded in the device artificial intelligence have ownership.

Galaxy S21 series; It has all the power you need to process your photos, record 8K quality video, play cloud games, and record great video clips.

Now we need our smartphones more than ever, and that is exactly why protecting our confidential information is more important than ever. Samsung’s own developed processor-level security platform for Galaxy S21 devices Samsung Knox Vault protection is used. Adding tamper-proof security memory to Samsung’s secure processor, Samsung Knox Vault ensures that Galaxy S21 devices have a new layer of protection.

The Galaxy S21 series also includes a new tool to protect and control your privacy. You can safely remove location metadata from your photos and videos before sharing. Galaxy S21 Series new Share private With its function, it is possible to control who can access the content you send and how long the content will be available and thus share it with complete peace of mind.

Also Galaxy S21 Series, Simple discovery of SmartThings devices While it can be used with other Galaxy devices, its goal is to ensure that you can find all of your compatible Galaxy devices easily and quickly, even when they are offline. Whether your device is in another room, under your car seat, or in another city, SmartThings Find will guide you to the right place. Disconnected devices are now being replaced by the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag You can detect it with its Bluetooth function. By attaching the smart tag to your keys, purse or pet collar and Find SmartThings You can find them using.


Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G will be available for general sale beginning January 29, 2021, with carrier and Samsung-unlocked versions through, carrier, and online retail channels.

Both devices are available in foggy surface color and in the following color options:

● Galaxy S21: Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink and Phantom White, 128GB model with 8GB RAM capacity – The suggested retail price is TL 9,999 including VAT.

● Galaxy S21 +: Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver and Phantom Black, 128GB and 256GB models with 8GB RAM capacity – Recommended retail price is 12,999 TL including VAT for the 128GB model, 13,499 TL for the model 256GB.

Pre-orders for Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G started on January 14 at 19:00 (UTC). Consumers who will pre-order Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G also received the Galaxy Buds Live gift product.

Sales made at all physical outlets participating in the campaign (Samsung resellers and all other third-party physical outlets and other online channels) and the online sales channel participating in the campaign, .com (Samsung Online Store) and Samsung Online store gift opportunity that will be valid for sales made from accounts managed in the market’s sales channels. It will continue until February 11.

The Galaxy Buds Live delivery, which will be given as a gift, is scheduled for February 12, 2021 and beyond. Or if consumers wish, the gift instead of Galaxy Buds Live between January 14, 2021 and February 11, 2021 (23.59) from Samsung dealers or the online store “Bring the old, take the new“The new smartphones in the Galaxy S21 series will be able to be more affordable by taking advantage of the campaign.


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