Sadri Alışık Doodle by Sedat Girgin Bigumigu

Google creates Doodles to celebrate important days and anniversaries, and to commemorate famous artists, explorers, and scientists. While Google first shared a Doodle in 1998, so far more than four thousand Doodles from around the world created. Located in the house of Google doodler Turkey and we talk to the series we have discussed in the past about the doodling artists who draw them. Doodles by Enes Diriğ for Oğuz Atay’s 86th birthday, Hüseyin Sönmezay for Safiye Ali’s 127th birthday and interviews with the artists from here you can reach.

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Doodle for Sadri Alışık, who played unforgettable characters in Yaşilçam

Doodles and their illustrators Now in our series is Doodle prepared for the birthday of artist Sadri Alışık, who was born on April 5, 1925. Sadri Alışık entered the life of an actor with the theater and is among the most memorable names in Yeşilçam with the characters he played . The artist, who is remembered with the “Tourist Ömer” character he played, and this character’s greeting, has appeared in more than 200 films. Illustrator Sedat Girgin Sadri Alışık Doodle prepared by the artist also contains details about the artist’s film and theater history.

We spoke to Sedat Girgin about the Doodle he prepared for Sadri Alışık. You can access our interview below. Apart from this interview, in which we touch on the details of Doodle, we will also do a live broadcast on Bigumigu’s Instagram account. Illustrator Sedat Girgin and Bigumigu Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Yalçın Pembecioğlu will meet live on Monday, April 5 at 8:00 p.m. and talk about Sedat Girgin’s Drawings and Doodle. Have a good read!

“When I think of Sadri Alışık, I think of the movies I saw on the carpet as a child.”

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work before this Doodle project?

I have been drawing for various publishers, magazines, agencies, and places as a freelance illustrator for 15 years. I have illustrated over 100 children’s books. I participated in many group exhibitions both at home and abroad. In recent years, I have focused more on my personal exhibitions. I opened my exhibition entitled The Land of Exaggerations, which I prepared especially during the period of the pandemic, in late 2020. Currently, I am working on my new canvas works.

What path did you go through to prepare the Sadri Alışık Doodle? Where did you get inspired? Have you seen Sadri Alışık movies before? Did you have extensive knowledge of his life and actions, or did you do more extensive research on Sadri Alışık in conjunction with this Doodle project?

When I think of Sadri Alışık, I think of the movies I saw on the carpet as a child. The times when I memorize every gesture and every movement. Years later, when I participated in such a project, I felt my lines flow from my mind without reference. Sadri Alışık is an actor whose films are known and seen a lot, so I didn’t have to do intensive research, but of course I looked and read his film history and life again.

i used sadri

Can you talk a bit about the design process? What kind of path did you go with Google’s side in the production process? Were there certain restrictions? About how many alternatives has this Doodle arisen? What were the design differences between the chosen Doodle and other alternatives?

I was contacted by email, after accepting the project, the doodle theme was transferred to me and a confidentiality agreement was signed. Then the Doodle Artist Guide, which Google had previously prepared for illustrators, was sent out. All limits were already specified there. All dimensions, rules and even examples of how to deliver layers in the file were clearly explained through images.

There were limits, of course. Especially for copyright reasons, it was not desired that the portrait to be worked on would be made on a single reference photograph or movie character. It was necessary to show the referenced photos from the front. We are already a reference in my work, from what I remember, there was no need for such a process because I tried to reflect it in my own style. During the process, the timetable was determined very clearly. Initially I proceeded with 4 detailed sketches. One of them was chosen and then completed within a controlled schedule.


Famous Tourist Greeting from Omer in Google Letter G

If you wanted to identify Doodle with a Sadri Alışık movie, what would it be? Can you share with reason?

While I was sketching in Doodle, I was always portrayed in my favorite movie, Ah Güzel İstanbul. In fact, in the first sketches I used the plaid scarf that we saw in the movies of that time. But since Ah Güzel İstanbul has a more melancholic and emotional portrait of Sadri Alışık, we wanted to create a more positive impact with the team. We have also added an especially characteristic and well-known greeting. As if we look at the final version of Doodle, we can say that there was a Tourist Ömer atmosphere.

We are talking about a person who managed to make a niche for himself in Turkish cinema in his times, each with different characteristics, and who existed in cinema from the 1940s to the early 1990s. Have you tried to reflect these characteristics of Sadri Alışık, who started his career in the theater, constantly improves his acting, renews himself and stands out with his colorful character, Doodle? If so, what are these details?

In this particular Doodle, I tried to describe a small summary of a person who has dedicated his life to acting. His melancholic movies, facial expressions, and deep hazy looks gave me the most inspiration while drawing. If we look at the details of the doodle; In this design, I started by comparing Sadri Alışık’s greetings to the letter G, and then I wanted to use elements from the movie that he had been against all his life. I tried to compare these elements with the shapes of Google fonts as they should be. Since Internet users are now very familiar with Google Doodles, I didn’t need to read the article very clearly. My priority was to have a more intellectual and artistic feeling.

i used sadriblank

i used sadri

Image: Google

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