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Many people of the day will remember cut and paste model homes. Models created by cutting and pasting the model on cardboard or paper were a rare source of entertainment for that period. Especially in the 80s and 90s, there were even those who designed a small town or village collecting models that children passed with fun time. Generally, these cardboard models, which were given away by newspapers, were a challenge for the children to spend time while improving their manual skills. Some models could be so challenging that the adults in the house also participated, and the event became an entertainment for the whole family. These models, which were a good entertainment tool in the days when it was not about technology, made history over time. Industrial designer and illustrator Sadi Tekin’s cut and paste project brings this nostalgic entertainment to life.

Model houses colored with watercolor

In addition to product design and illustrations, Sadi Tekin, who also designs children’s books and character designs, and recently designed Inside Out models, cut and pasted. model Offers much finer details than houses.

Sadi Tekin shares the construction phase of the Inside Out model, which is the last work of the project, step by step on his Twitter account. The designer, who performs the process of painting in watercolor, cuts the model of the determined places and makes it three-dimensional. In the cut and paste project, there are small details to paint on each corner of the model, as can be seen in the final version of the video and the model shared for Inside Out.

The 33x48cm version of the designer’s 3D Inside Out paper mockup model, printed on 200gr watercolor paper, is available for sale through the Shopier account. offers. Those who want to complete this puzzle-like model and test their manual skills can order via this link. For those who can’t be bothered to manufacture but want to own these models that are worth a collection, ready-made models are also offered. House of Pie model hereThis is the Inside Out model in conection occurs. To take a look at Sadi Tekin’s other works Instagram: Y Behance You can browse the account of other products on sale Shopier from account you can reach.

Inside out mockup

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House of Pie mockup

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Visual: Sadi Tekin

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