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Commercial film director Andre Maatis known for his work set in a fun and creative universe. Fascinating characters adorn his stories, both in his personal projects and in his business life. The director, who started his career shooting music videos and stop-motion animations, produces absurd short films when he’s not shooting commercials. One of these movies is PHILIP, an old coffee machine.

We have witnessed many projects where puppets were used so far. Held to meet the Spring / Summer 2021 collection of the Italian luxury fashion house Moschino fashion show with puppetsReady for the new Spotify Premium Duo subscription option BellInsect puppet that makes you feel like you are watching a 3D animation Insect puppet are among these examples. PHILIP portrays an old coffee machine in operation.

PHILIP, the forgotten coffee maker

After purchasing the new workplace coffee machine, PHILIP took a short trip back to its popular past. The coffee machine, which was introduced as state-of-the-art in the good old days, is now outdated, outdated, and old. Despite all these shortcomings, the mannequin, who deals with employees one by one, never gives up on the coffee-making business. On the other hand, he becomes aware of the conversations around that he is now in his last days. Recognizing with a heartache that the new machine will not be able to do what it has done, he ends his workday and turns off the work button.


Short film by Andre Maat known for making puppets, sculptures and masks Matt jacksonHe brings it to life after participating in the workshop called The Rising Puppet. Matt Jackson’s shop uses recycled products, old attic materials, and clay. The puppet, who gave life to Andre Maat’s coffee machine, also appears with his arms and head made of clay. While the puppet PHILIP is directed by Tim Hammer, under the film’s soundtrack is Yessian Music.


Puppet Player: Tim Hammer
Director: Andre Maat
Director of Photography: Kevin Kimman
Editing: Benjamin Putland
Music: Yessian Music
Composed by: Chris Plansker
Sound Design: Babi Bork
Colorist: Kevin Kimman
Coloring: Goof Vermeulen, Aleck Lugt
Gaffer: Joost Meeuwig
Camera Assistant: Arun Harends
Voice: Sean James, Charlotte Antal, Ben Putland, Quentin James

Visual: Vimeo

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