Russian “Stop Illegal Protest Content” Warning to TikTok and Vkontakte

In a written statement from Roskomnadzor, it was claimed that warning letters were sent to TikTok and Vkontakte to prevent the dissemination of information that could cause them to engage in illegal activities that would put young people in danger in the country.

Noting the need to stop the spread of illegal information on TikTok and Vkontakte, the statement read: “We demand immediate comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of illegal content that encourages young people to participate in unauthorized protests on the platforms.” It was said.

In a statement made today, the Russian Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the necessary measures were taken regarding the issue and demanded the restriction of access to websites that contain calls to participate in the protests.

Aleksey Navalny, 44, who opposed the Kremlin, was transferred from Omsk to the Charite Hospital in Berlin on August 22, 2020.

Navalnıy was detained at the Moscow airport on January 17 and arrested on January 18, as soon as he returned from Germany, where he was receiving treatment.

Navalni supporters called a national protest on January 23.


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