Russian diplomats target Europe: we are journalists

Germany, Poland and Sweden, whose diplomats were expelled by Russia, declared a Russian diplomat from their countries “non grata”. Russia had accused European diplomats of participating in the illegal demonstration.

Germany, Poland and Sweden retaliated against Russia by expelling a Russian diplomat, each of whom was serving in their country. Russia expelled German, Polish and Swedish diplomats for participating in illegal demonstrations in support of opposition politician Alexei Navalni.

The German Foreign Ministry announced that the employee of the German Embassy in Russia acted “to obtain information about the events at the scene” within the framework of the rights granted by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and that the decision to deport European diplomats “could not be justified in any way.”

The German Foreign Ministry noted that the decision to expel the Russian diplomats was taken in coordination with Poland, Sweden and the EU Foreign Service (SEAE).

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde also stated that they informed the Russian ambassador that they wanted a person working in the embassy to leave Sweden and said: “This is a clear response to the unacceptable decision to expel a Swedish diplomat who is doing his duty. ”

The Polish Foreign Ministry also declared that Russia’s expulsion of the Polish diplomat was unacceptable and that a Russian diplomat was deported. It was noted that the diplomat, declared an undesirable person, worked at the Russian consulate in Poznan. It was stated that the decision was made in coordination with Germany and Sweden and was based on reciprocity.

The arrival of Russia’s decision to deport Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security of the EU during his contacts in Moscow, caused controversy within the Union. Borrell stated that he learned of the deportation news on social media on Friday, when he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In making a statement after his return from Moscow, Borrell noted that “the message sent by the Russian authorities during his visit is a confirmation that Europe and Russia are increasingly distant from each other” and said: “It is understood that Russia is breaking increasingly its links with Europe and see democratic values as a vital threat ”. It was found in the evaluation.

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov said on Monday that the expulsion of German, Polish and Swedish diplomats coincided with Borrell’s visit. Peskov argued that it was not Russian officials who caused the breakdown of relations.

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