Robot Trash Can That Separates Waste

We often see it as a social responsibility business that companies must undertake recycling. However, in our own homes, most of us still don’t make enough effort to sort our garbage. Californian based company Ribbon hopes to improve this process so that recyclable waste can be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Have a broad impact without waiting for people to change their habits

Ribbon Beyond recognizing and classifying waste, it is a robotic system that cleans, compresses and completely prepares it for recycling. As always, the user puts the waste in a single bucket and Lasso takes care of the rest. Thus, it aims to undertake large-scale actions in a short time without waiting for users to change their habits.

Lasso is expected to present itself as a product and as a service. The company aims to launch a waste collection service that will go to the door and collect the waste when the containers are full. Lasso sees his system as a way to ensure that the maximum possible amount of material enters the recycling chain. The company has raised capital through crowdfunding to bring the waste container to life and expects to begin shipping pre-orders by the end of 2022. Then they will immediately begin testing the waste collection service with a limited number of users.

Equipped with Lasso cameras, sensors and machine learning technology

The product, which is still under development in terms of technology, is in the prototype stage. It has a vertical slot for placing items. Equipped with cameras, sensors and machine learning technology, you can analyze the packaging and decide if it is recyclable. If it is not suitable, take the object out of the chamber, just like the return system in vending machines. Recyclables are steamed to remove food debris, oil, dirt, and labels. Finally, it transports the waste that it collects and shreds to special compartments at the bottom. When the trash service starts, a notification will be sent to Lasso from the user’s phone via the smartphone app.

Although Lasso has a good purpose for himself, the issue of power consumption is engraved on his mind. Another problem is the price of the product. There is no exact explanation on the price, but in some sources, when the final product is ready, it will sell for a price of around $ 3,500. It is said that. Unfortunately, this is a major obstacle to the diffusion of the product to large masses.

Source: Ribbon, Engadget

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