Robot navigating barriers against traffic violators

Üzeyir Akova, a young entrepreneur living in Izmir, carried out projects on industrial automation and solar power plants after graduating from the Department of Electricity at Ege Vocational School of Ege University. Üzeyir Akova, who one day witnessed an accident on the road, saw that the safety lane had been violated too much and the ambulance reached the scene with difficulty. Considering what it can do about it, Üzeyir Akova started developing an autonomous robot called “Railbot.”

In about 1 and a half years, he designed a robot that can act autonomously at roadside barriers, control traffic, give audible and light warnings, and immediately report safety violations. Akova hopes that the evaluation process of the patent application it has made for the robot it has developed will be completed in a short time.


Robot project freelancers mention Akova, “Railbot, life and property highways, with autonomous movement capabilities over the barrier to ensure safety, local autonomous robotics project designed to identify traffic control and abuse. It is the first to Turkey Serve multiple uses Safety band Can be used to violate speed limits and ultimately to control traffic The energy need of the robot will also be covered from the charging stations with the solar energy panel that will be installed in the edge of the road.



Recently said that supporting local and national technology projects in almost all areas of Turkey Akova, “We want to provide this context in our country. In our country, we experienced loss of life because it made a lot of traffic violation.” The loss of these robots in the service of our country to restart or even minimize The officials I spoke to gave positive reactions to this robot. Our goal is to minimize the risk of accidents with this project. To do this, we want to develop local software with the support of investors.


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