Robinhood couldn’t stop GameStop – 2k percent increase in one week

GameStop shares, which have risen nearly 8,000 percent in the past six months, were banned from the Robinhood and Webull platforms, where smaller investors and traders traded.

Following the ban on the company’s shares, Reddit users reacted heavily, writing topics and comments to repeat the company’s shares as they opened.

The company’s shares rose 114 percent on Friday after the ban on GameStop shares was lifted. After subsequent earnings sales, the company closed the day up 68 percent.


Small investors organized on WallStreetbets, Reddit’s trading forum, aim to wreak havoc on funds by collecting the shares of companies whose funds are being sold short. Shares of GameStop, which has been at the center of this war so far, are down 44 percent after being banned from the Robinhood and Webull platforms, but have risen 1,800 percent from $ 17 to $ 325. since early 2021.

Transactions in AMC and Blackberry shares were also suspended, along with GameStop shares, which are called ‘Reddit shares’. When the ban was lifted, Blackberry shares were up 12 percent and AMC’s 53 percent.


Business support for the collective attitude on WallStreetbets continues to grow. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared in the form of “GameStonk” (Game Profit), drawing attention to the company’s growth and expressing their support.

The other day, businessman Justin Sun, who is the founder of crypto money platform TRON with Peiwo, known as China’s Snapchat, announced that he will buy a $ 1 million GameStop stock in what happened yesterday.

Source: dogus – ntv

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