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As IKEA enthusiasts follow closely, the company will end the tradition of printed catalogs that has been in place for 70 years and is published regularly each year. had announced. Although many of us are saddened, I must admit that it was a fitting decision for the spirit of the times. IKEA UK took a creative approach to this situation. Describes creative ways customers can reuse catalogs. Hack-alogue He prepared a guide called.

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Creative ways to recycle IKEA catalogs: Hack-alogue

Hack-alogue Crafted in the style of the iconic IKEA assembly guides. What kind of suggestions do you think it contains? For example, customers can use the catalog as a stopper that prevents the door from closing. They can be used as gift wrapping paper or as a shredding material that prevents damage, instead of bubble wrap. Because the catalogs are thick, it can also double as a laptop stand. The examples can be increased and the creativity of the clients is also important. Also, none of the recycling options can appeal to the catalog owner. In this case, the guide encourages the customer to leave the catalog at the recycling stations.

Hack-alogue was a step in line with IKEA’s sustainability goals when the catalog tradition ended. In line with the same goals, IKEA recently Disassembly instructions Posted the named disassembly guides. These guidelines are intended to prevent product damage in cases such as relocation and disposal. We hope that IKEA’s creative and comprehensive campaigns will continue.

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