Reuters: There will be many companies in the tourism sector

The ‘complete closure’ decision made after the increase in coronavirus cases in Turkey is also on the agenda of international press organizations. Reuters, on the news that they analyzed the latest situation in Turkey, “While the chances of success are diminishing, Turkey hopes to save the tourism period with a total closure.” used the title. In the article, it is stated that the tourism sector in Turkey has been hit hard.

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“The early booking had a great impact. To save the season, the total closure came in mid-May. Russia, where most tourists come, may extend the ban on flights “ In the news, whose statements are included, “The tourism industry in Turkey is facing another lost season, losing many foreign tourist reservations with the rapid increase in cases. To save the summer season, President Erdogan brought a full shutdown until mid-May as a last resort. It was said.

Recalling that tourists’ cash is of great importance to the Turkish economy, it was noted that beaches, travel and restaurants are reopening in Europe.


Speaking to the British news agency, industry representatives expressed concern that this year will not be any better than last year. Speaking to the agency, a tourism professional said: “The decision to complete the closure will probably not be enough to save the summer season. If it falls below 5,000 cases by the end of May, as the government hopes, it will take some time for countries to lift travel bans against Turkey. There is a possibility of losing July, ”he said.

An official who works as a sales manager at a hotel in Antalya said in a statement that “if Russian tourists do not come, there will be serious collapses and layoffs.”


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