Retro Adventure of a Bigumigu Singing Fish

It’s always possible and timeless to make an aesthetic move in creative work with 8-bit graphics and drawings. 8-bit watercolor on famous artworks and pop culture icons by American artist Adam Lister interpretationStranger Things-themed NES game dominated by 8-bit graphics short film Or the retro video game transforming Alone at home, a New Years classic, is an example of our news that this style is dominant. Prince luis The music video for The Number Thirteen, posted by artist Jake McMullen under the pseudonym, also features a retro style.

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Brilliant graphics that accompany the beat of the music.

Louis Prince’s debut album Thirteen It consists of 13 pieces with a mainly electronic atmosphere. The song The Number Thirteen, which was on the album released on March 13, 2020, also contains an air that matches the rest of the album. Louis Prince likes to combine his visual art with music and prioritizes this goal in his album.

number thirteen

Music videos created by director Joel Plosz, who is also an animation artist and illustrator, blow the vintage air to the max. Brilliant, 8-bit graphics, chaotic surroundings that accompany the rhythm of the piece, and sweet animals with the same contrasting atmosphere. Although the artist defines his piece as a search for catharsis between madness, sadness and hope, the video clip reflects this contrast, emptiness and purification with graphics and a plot line. After 3 minutes of the song, which can be considered divided into two parts, a journey between universes begins. If you want to see other works of the director, Instagram on behalf of you can take a look

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