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Every day we meet artists who work more and more with natural materials. We started to meet frequently. Made by Bridget Beth Collins from flowers. pictorial compositionsNatalie Ciccoricco Nested embroidery series and Raku Inoue’s collection of leaves that have spontaneously fallen in nature. collages it was unforgettable. Inoue is also very impressive, depicting endangered species with leaves as well. Designed posters. Create beautiful animal portraits from flower petals in the digital environment.

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No flowers were damaged in the making of these works.

Photographer and illustrator Josh dykgraafhe produces by creating other things from the materials in his photographs. In the Terraform series he is currently working on, he also makes animal illustrations from flower petals. Best of all, the artist did not take any flowers from the branch for these works. After all, they are all the leaves you cited from the photos of flowers and trees you took.

The Melbourne-based artist has created exotic animals such as pangolins and parrots using the leaves in the photographs. Like the colorful elements of the earth, its leaves become fauna. If you include the process of taking pictures, this is a project where the first phase of discovery is done in the real world and the second phase in the digital world.

While traveling the world, Dykgraaf created a photo bank of thousands of landscapes and textures. He also takes the materials he uses digitally from these photographs. “The process of creating this series is very similar to looking at the clouds in the sky and seeing various shapes in them, according to the artist.

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