‘Rent increase’ reaction in Ankara, a neighborhood where 900 people were homeless

The retaining wall of the 8-story Açelya Apartment, which was built in 2013, collapsed during the excavation of the foundation for an apartment building at Ileri Mahallesi Mektep Sokak, Çankaya district. Deep cracks formed in the floor of the building and on the street. The building, the foundations of which were determined to have collapsed, and 20 buildings found at risk in its surroundings were evacuated, while 10 more were decided to demolish.

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The controlled demolition of the Açelya Apartment began the day before. 4 floors of the building were demolished in a controlled manner in the works that lasted until last night. The foundation was filled in to prevent the building from collapsing and damaging other nearby buildings. Following the backfill work, demolition work resumed today at the rear of the building where the retaining wall was destroyed. During the demolition, two floors collapsed. As the construction machine collapses 1 more floor, demolition work continues on the top floor.

After the demolition of the Açelya Apartment, work will begin for the demolition of 10 buildings, 3 of which are located on 13 unoccupied plots, which are dangerous in the surroundings.


On the other hand, the Ankara Governorate established a Coordination Center for those whose buildings were evacuated in the region where 900 people were homeless. Residents of the Yazıcı, Fortune, Açelya, Bahar, Umut, Güleryüz, Kılıç, İncesu, Emek, Hatipoğlu Ünalan and Özdemir apartments applied for rental assistance from the Coordination Center at İncesu Şehit Sultan Selim Karakoç Hatip Secondary School Imam Hatip Secondary School. It was said that 30 thousand TL of furniture and 1500 TL of rent would be delivered to these people.


Those who completed the application procedures then continued work in the demolition zone. Malik Karahan, whose belongings were in the remains of the destroyed Açelya apartment, said: “We left our house without picking up garbage. Our building was destroyed, we were not even given the opportunity to take our belongings. For now, we are staying with my daughter, looking for a house, but we haven’t found it yet. ”

Sevim Pala, on the other hand, said she went to the contractor while the foundation was being excavated on Friday and said: “I told them they were doing the wrong job, they didn’t listen to me. I told both the contractor and the excavator, ‘Don’t dig This way, go gradually, you are endangering the upper building. ‘He said. Sorry, now you see the result. They victimized 900 people. Is it better now? “


Families who have been looking for rental houses near the region where they have lived for years reacted by saying that the rent for their houses has increased by 400-500 TL. The neighborhood said that the rent of houses in the region increased from 1100-1200 TL to 1500-1600 TL. Resident of Bahar Apartment, which it was decided to demolish, Zülfükar Taş said: “I bought my house with a loan, but the loan has not ended yet. I pay a loan of 1780 lire every month. I have been paying for 6 years, I have 4 years left . We have fallen into these situations because of a contractor. My daughter has books, tablets, computers. We could not buy anything. They said “Empty it” at 08:00 at night. We started looking for a house for rent, but the landlords also increased rents. And they are trying to skyrocket, “he said.



Construction Contractors Confederation President Tahir Tellioğlu, who investigated the region, told DHA that plot-based planning triggered more such problems. Tellioğlu said: “With plot-based planning, it is difficult to place plots of 500, 700, 1000 square meters of small plots, especially in areas with damaged land, ditches and ramps. This is the main problem. The distance between the building and the lateral plot is 3 meters, but we see that the depth level between the building is 10 meters. Therefore, you will be 10 meters below the upper plot, there will be 3 meters between you. It is not an easy task ”, said. said.



Recalling that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has made very serious regulations on this issue, Tellioğlu said: “In the background, the responsible and responsible contractor, the owner of the land or the building inspection, the intermediate organizer and the operator of the locomotive driving the work are the municipalities. At this point, the municipalities are responsible for the inventory of buildings and the planning of buildings. They should plan the zoning planning according to the realities of their own cities and the realities of the terrain structures. It is difficult to work in buildings with a distorted elevated terrain structure. It is very difficult to make a healthy structure here. You are 10 meters deep and the distance between you is 3 meters. “There must be a distance of 10 meters between you so that a healthy retaining wall can be built. Therefore, it is not appropriate to build such a structure unless you perform applications such as piles drilled at that height and elevation distance. ”

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