Renewed BiP became the choice of millions

According to Turkcell’s description, Turkey’s national and national communication platform is increasing interest in the beep by the day. Turkcell Turkcell engineers developed high security beep and protected user data within data center sales figures in Turkey reached 74 million.

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BiP, which is the most preferred reason with its revamped interface and simple privacy policy, gained more than 27 million new users in the last two months. The application, whose usage rate is increasing rapidly, includes many functions such as the emergency button, instant messaging translation.

beep Turkey as a platform for communication and life while providing better quality to users of the services offered by other communication applications, it also has many different characteristics that are not found in the competition. The first amazing feature of BiP is its HD quality voice and group video calls and the ability to share HD photos for up to 10 people.

Another distinctive feature of BiP is the translation service that allows chatting in 106 different languages ​​through instant translation during messaging.

Developed as a special talent for emergency button in Turkey needs in disaster situations, allowing users to share their location and status with one click and close. In terms of ease of use; The customizable menu, the ability to make voice and video calls, as well as messaging through desktop computer applications and Internet browsers, as well as mobile applications, are some of the features that differentiate BiP from its competitors.


Burak Akıncı, General Manager for Communication Technologies and Digital Services at BiP, stated that the demand for the BiP application has increased rapidly in digital migration due to growing concerns about the security of personal data, saying:

“The data use our applications, which makes users of the imposition and discrimination regarding the permission, the beep difference operator is used without the 192 countries in the world and is more preferred. Beep today, not only in Turkey , Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Germany, India, Pakistan and widely used in Bangladesh continues.

We continue to renew our local BiP application, which has been developed by Turkish engineers and updated using the latest technologies since 2013, with the demands of our users. In 2021, our priority will be to improve ourselves to respond to the needs and demands of our users with the best user experience. Our biggest goal in light of the developments in recent years is to increase the number of users worldwide, as well as in Turkey. “

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