"Remove barriers to holidays in Turkey"

Representatives of the tourism industry in Germany were urged to pave the way for holidays in Turkey. President of the Association of German Travel Agencies Norbert Fiebig, this year for Turkey ‘safe corridors’ he wants to create, and that Turkey is an attractive country for holidays. The tourism sector is also important for German tourists in Turkey, but he said Turkey would not leave Turkey out of the European mass tourism movement.

The tourism sector is preparing for the summer months in the shadow of the epidemic. On the one hand, they take measures against the spread of the corona virus, on the other hand, the sending of tourists to Turkey is expected to come from countries with good news.

In this context, the first good news came from England. Britain declared that the tourist movement could start after May.

This news was greeted with joy, especially in the British tourist intensity tourist destinations hosted in Turkey. However, this news from England is not enough for the tourism industry.

For many years, among the countries that sent the most tourists to Turkey, I expected a similar movement in Germany. Expectations, while Turkey’s facade in this direction, also came to a similar request from the tourist fronts in Germany to those in Turkey.


DW Turkish-speaking Association of German Travel Agencies (DRV) President Norbert Fiebig, Turkey is ‘one of the most popular tourist countries’ as described.

He said they want to provide the opportunity to spend a vacation in Turkey. In the summer season, it is finally in 2019 before the outbreak, after Spain for the German tourist holidays, most of Turkey prefer to remember Fiebiger, “Turkey, Germans are also very favorite and extremely attractive vacation countries. Therefore, travel agents and tour operators can offer the opportunity to travel to Turkey of great importance, ”he said.


However, the Robert Koch Institute, which is fighting against Germany’s Secretion of Institutions (RKI) list of ‘risk zones’ located in Turkey, the German government warned that the crown between countries with regard to citizens should not travel due to the virus outbreak.

The high expectations they make of these summer holidays in Germany, the Mediterranean and Turkey found that the strong demand for Fiebiger, highlighting the different holiday regions of Turkey from the ‘safe corridors’ of Germany, has emphasized the creation of expectations.

Fiebiger, “Last year, Germany and Turkey, the different Turkish resorts ‘safe corridors’ have agreed that the agreement was achieved the holiday opportunities. We wish that this regulation also applies this year.”


According to Hurriyet German tourists since the 1990s, noted that Turkey offers a great contribution to the development of tourism in Turkey The president of the Federation of Hoteliers, Sururi Çorabatır, “Last year we received during the outbreak of German tourists. This year, our Expectations go in that direction. We stand out among its rivals tourism as the country with the measures we take Turkey. The effect of the “Safe Tourism Certificate” on this was great. In addition, the services provided in our hotels were also very good. Incoming tourists saw the difference very well. This year, the ‘Safe Tourism Certificate’ is still much more common and up-to-date. The activation of the insurance system announced by TUI will be important for vacationers. Insurance companies in Turkey have also activated a similar application, tourists have been able to obtain this insurance if they wish. Turkey, as a country, our aim is to be reviewed by the l the measures we take this year, ”he said.


Germany last August in Turkey travel warning “special arrangements” softened. As a result of persistent attempts by Ankara, the German government gave the green light to vacations in Aydin, İzmir, Muğla and Antalya and announced that the warning about the trips to be made here was removed on the condition that the government’s comprehensive tourism Turkish and the concept of hygiene was strictly followed. However, traveling from Turkey to the whole world, the coronavirus test in Turkey in the previous 48 hours had been brought from the obligation to make a return to Germany.

TUI is Germany’s largest tourism company, despite the German government’s travel warning, Turkey pressed the button for the holidays. TUI spokesperson Susanna Stünckel noted that Turkey has traditionally been one of the favorite holiday destinations for TUI customers.

Pandemic period that they aimed to ensure that their customers’ concerns of a holiday without transportation, they offer the TUI also travels to Turkey for this said Covidien protection insurance would be available.

TUI With this insurance, tourists will travel to Turkey in case the corona treatment will consist of getting the virus, the PCR test, assuming additional costs such as transport to a hospital in Germany. In addition, the insurance covers the 14-night accommodation costs of clients who are obliged to remain in quarantine in the event of contagion or suspected contagion.


The German agency that Turkey can not express the huge sales of the president of the Limak Tourism Group, Kaan Kavaloğl, “the movement will not be without mass tourism in Antalya. Turkey a very positive outlook from the agencies. The final decision the it will take the consumer. The German government must end the negative perception. Turkey is very important to all tourists. German and European tourists are like that. We know the importance of tourism in Turkey. Turkey is a very important place for tourism in Europe Even if the bans are lifted, it may cause difficulties with the different methods of perception. These have to end. Their decisions against Turkey must also take into account human rights criteria, “he said.THREE SCENARIOS OF WORLD TOURISM

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