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Although it is not used much in our country, Reddit is one of the places where I run to read the comments after each movie and TV series, and whenever I have a question. Although many people follow it primarily at the reader level, it is a very powerful platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. The “Driving Action and Advocacy Through the Online Community” session within the scope of SXSW 2021 was also a session that addressed this power and potential of Reddit.

In Reddit CEO Jen Wong’s conversation with CNN media reporter Kerry Flynn, this interesting medium Its unique features were mentioned. Especially recently with its impact on the financial world Reddit, coming to the fore, is a developing world that grows with its users. This platform, which has been in existence for 15 years, continues to grow organically every day both in number of users and in content offer.

Common interests, not identities

As Wong explains the Reddit phenomenon, it doesn’t make people through identity; Talk about your passion and interests. Therefore, there is a community for everyone. Today at r / forums you can find something for every interest, experience, from games to makeup, from finance to parenting. For the same reason, membership provides benefits such as finding other people who share similar points of view and open access to information.

Reddit also gives communities a significant boost. Users who are on common ground here have the power to bring a product, a brand, a celebrity, or a topic that interests them. They have unique qualities, like changing ideas, inspiring people to act on a personal, social or global level. For a person who wants to set up a library at home, hundreds of books gorilla adoption Reddit on many topics; manages to stimulate action.

How does Reddit benefit brands?

The unique features of the platform provide valuable space for brands because Reddit has a structure that influences buying behavior. Especially during quarantine days when we can’t leave home, as e-commerce increases, people need more user experience and feedback than ever before to buy products they don’t physically see. For this reason, some subreddits have received heavy traffic during the pandemic. This has created important reflections in the world of electronic commerce.

Reddit reveals that it is an important advertising medium for advertisers, as the consumer shopping journey is being transformed with the pandemic. This place has a structure that emphasizes interaction, communication and dialogue rather than a monologue where brands advertise directly. Brands that take advantage of this can create unique brand stories. For example, a small brand of bidet. Tushycaptured the agenda well at the beginning of the pandemic and the toilet paper crisis. He started a dialogue with users by moving it to Reddit. Thus, it achieved success in terms of recognition and billing.

The anonymous nature of the platform is something that highlights the honesty that Wong sees. When asked if this leads to problems like hate speech and racism, Wong describes the control mechanisms. In the three-tier moderation system, Reddit system tools and company policy are at the bottom. The middle level is the control that users and moderators implement internally using the tools for voting for and against. The reason they place an emphasis on user-based moderation is that moderators have a better understanding of the context in which the topic takes place, which allows for nuance. The third level is at the advertiser level. This is where advertiser control mechanisms and options come into play.

Emphasizing that anonymity is not an obligation but an option, Wong; Explain that what really matters to them is data privacy and that users claim their own identities. In this sense, he says, they do not have to give up their data or identities to belong to a community.

Overview of the past and future

When asked how Reddit has changed in 15 years, Wong responds that the most significant change has occurred in the topography of the platform. The number of users has increased, the content has been enriched and there is widespread use worldwide. Today, on Reddit, there are people of different age groups, from different periods of their lives. One of them talks about his problems with his girlfriend in high school, another may ask her about her retirement plans. In addition, the values ​​of the company and the management model have not changed much. After 15 years, the community is still prioritized, opening up to discussion every time a new feature or product is developed.

Future plans include being able to exist in more languages, thus reaching a wider audience around the world. Plus, there’s more to embracing the rise of video, investing in new features, and growing your relationship with the advertiser.

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data from reddit sxsw 2021

data from reddit sxsw 2021

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