Recommendation “Refunds must be made immediately upon cancellation of Internet purchases”

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Süleyman Bakal, President of the Consumer Support Association (TÜKDES), stated that in the event of cancellation of purchases made through e-commerce via Internet banking, the refund is usually made within a period of 3 to 5 days.

Explaining that during the period of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, even grocery purchases began to be made through e-commerce, Bakal said:

“We fill the virtual basket and pay the money in advance. However, as a consequence of the cancellation of the products that are not in stock. our money after 5 days we can get. Although cancellation of tomato paste seems like a minor problem, as a result of canceling 10 thousand tomato paste during the day, there is a lot of money.

The possibility that the money to be returned is the last money of the consumer must be taken into account.

The consumer, who orders food by paying the money in advance, complains explaining that the order has been canceled due to the intensity of the seller and that he can receive his money after 5 days. In case of cancellation of online purchases, the refund must be transferred to the consumer’s account instantly. The system, which protects the seller by receiving advance payment, must not violate consumer rights. “

Bakal affirmed that the control of the products must be done by the consumer in the purchase of groceries that is made through electronic commerce, “It is natural that sellers who have to act quickly can make mistakes during packaging. Let’s see,” he used expressions .

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