Realistic miniature house decorated with fine details Bigumigu

We have published a lot of news about the miniature versions of homes and interiors. Adorned by miniature artist Chris Toledo interiors, Where Japanese design studio Mozu Studios reveals creativity miniature roomsJoshua Smith with traces of cities thumbnails, What designer Eny Lee Parker brought to light during the quarantine process Clay game The named contest made it possible for us to see different miniature designs. The miniature house created by a retired couple named Annie Kampfe and Cliff Donnelly fascinates with every detail.

A sweet home with small details.

The adventure of this expertly designed house takes place at the end of 2017. Since then, the couple has begun to build the house little by little. They start to build the house with a kit that they buy online. Annie Kampfe, a retired interior designer, begins to cut and cut the house materials over time and add them to the miniature house. Take care of every detail.

Designed by Annie Kampfe, electrical work by Cliff Donnelly

In this design, where the electrical components are wrapped throughout the mini house from top to bottom, different small details appear in 10 rooms. In this particular episode, Cliff Donnelly takes responsibility. Carefully connect all the cables. It even adds a garage door that opens and closes to the house.

Even the smallest items, from paintings on the walls to tiny furniture, from floors to lighting units, are not ignored during the production process. Kampfe says they carefully selected each piece and compares the house, which is the product of nearly 3 years of work, to the style of his childhood home.


The whole process minimal modern house The couple’s interest in this sweet home increases rapidly during the period of the pandemic. The little house goes viral when Annie Kampfe’s son shares the house on Twitter. Those who have seen the house perfectly scaled and expertly designed say that the minimodernhouse resembles classic 70s American homes due to its retro design and appliances. Annie Kampfe tells the details and history of the 1:12 scale house in detail in a newspaper called the Kansas City Star.

Visual: YouTube, minimal modern house

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