Rapid decline in Bitcoin continues (How long was Bitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s recent rapid rise has lost some momentum this week. The two-day loss of the popular crypto currency, which carries its losses to the second day, exceeds 8 percent.

Bitcoin After seeing $ 42,000 earlier this month, it showed a 17 percent decline at the same rate.

While Bitcoin, the highest volume unit of the crypto money markets, rose to $ 33,150, the total market volume dropped again to $ 1.0 trillion with the effect of the unit volume falling to $ 640 billion .

With the effect of increased corporate purchases, total market volume, which surpassed the $ 1.0 trillion mark for the first time in history on January 7, decreased from $ 1 trillion from $ 8.15 billion yesterday to $ 992 thousand. millions in the early hours of the day.

In crypto money markets, the value of 64 units fell from the highest volume of 100 units in the last 24 hours, while 5 units were among the top 10 units.


İsmail Hakkı Polat, one of the authors of the platform, emphasized that 2021 will be the year of acceptance by the system mainly for Bitcoin and added:

“ I believe that states that continue to feel the negative effects of the pandemic on their economies in 2021 will not be able to escape regulation in the face of the excessive stampede against Bitcoin.

“There are good and bad scenarios in the world of cryptocurrencies, of course, but no matter what scenario it works in, starting in 2021, we will enter a period where Bitcoin will sooner or later be accepted within the financial markets.

“In this direction, I anticipate that Bitcoin will move more steadily in the monetary system by shedding its ups and downs so far. I think 2021 will be Bitcoin’s third and final surge in 2022.

Bitcoin is actually an old crypto currency after this magnificent surge, but as its ancestor and as the pioneer of monetary transformation, I hope it will draw a stable chart in its respectable place and transfer the flag of transformation to the digital currencies of new generation.

“The only exception to this is that states are kicking Bitcoin out of the cooperative system, which then is a nightmare scenario for them. Bitcoin will sooner or later become a global currency.”

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