Raise the Bigumigu caravan

There are very few people left who do not dream of caravans while living with restrictions and concerns in the shadow of the pandemic. Pollution anxiety triggers the desire to live away from densely populated areas. In addition, the caravan offers a freer lifestyle, allowing frequent relocation under restricted conditions. There is also the possibility that this troublesome process will be prolonged. So it’s hard to say no to a little comfort in caravan life. Nissan Caravan Office It was one of the examples that offered this comfort to employees. Caravan with balcony Living Vehicle 2021 It promised a luxurious living space that offered the standards of a small house. Now again SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition We are faced with the amazing tool called.

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A living space that expands horizontally and vertically: Life Home V90 Villa Edition

Life Home V90 Villa Edition, which has an Asian RV style that is very different from Far Eastern mini caravans, offers significantly large living space. There are two important characteristics behind this field width. The first feature is that the main body can be laterally opened and widened when parked. The second feature is that it can expand upward while parked. Therefore, this vehicle takes the form of a two-story villa, just as its name suggests. When the second floor opens, this floor can be reached by elevator. By the way, the second floor is not low but full height, made of floor-to-ceiling glass and has a small balcony. You may have guessed that the caravan is equipped with smart technology.


SAIC MaxusIt presented Life Home V90 Villa Edition at a first event held last October to demonstrate the possibilities of the customization program. The large, state-of-the-art C-Class caravan is considered the flagship of the new family of recreational vehicles under this program.


A heavy vehicle like the Villa Edition does not seem suitable to be driven on slopes and winding roads in the mountains. Therefore, it may not be ideal for adventure seekers and those who dream of a very simple life. However, it can be an ideal living space for those who prefer long-term accommodation in certain camping areas.


The fact that the second floor is made of glass allows the user to fully enjoy the view in the middle of nature. When the user wants privacy, the lenses can be set to opaque mode. The upper deck can reach 12.4 square meters, and the lower deck can reach 20 square meters thanks to the double side wall extensions.

Life Home V90 Villa Edition

The vehicle cabin and electronic devices in the living room can be controlled via Maxus’ X-Connect RV smart system. controls electronics and fully connected amenities around the vehicle’s living space and cabin. Passengers can access the system via a wall-mounted touch screen, mobile device, or other compatible handheld device. There are also mobile apps, voice and motion control, smart home features optimized for road trips.



Picture: SAIC Maxus

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