Problems in the global supply chain increased the prices of raw materials

Turkey IMSAD umbrella organization of the building materials sector, building materials due to the problems in the global supply chain pandemic made a statement indicating that they affect the industry. All the increase in the prices of raw materials experienced in the world, which underlines that many factors interact.

The president of the Turkish Building Materials Producers Association (Turkey IMSAD), Tayfun Küçükoğlu, drew attention to the problems in the global market, said in a statement:

“The imbalance in the production, prices and supply of raw materials around the world also negatively affects our construction materials industry, which works in integration with the global market. The addition of global logistics disruptions to that process made it difficult to achieve sustainability in our industry.

It is a fact that the conditions caused by the Covid-19 effect affect each sector differently. The extraordinary change in consumer demand disrupts routine, further increasing chaos in supply conditions.

We hope and hope that the effect of vaccination will develop with stability throughout the world. In this period where the effects of the pain experienced at the beginning of the pandemic are expected to decrease, different pain and opportunities will occur in each sector. The process will cause the formation of different supply-demand equilibria that cannot be explained by statistics. Any supply or demand above expectations has the potential to have a negative impact on supply.

Almost all of our subsectors are affected by changes in raw material prices and different problems related to supply and logistics. However, we believe that the more efficient operation of the supply chain in the second half of the year and the resolution of the container shortage from June-July will also positively affect raw material prices. “

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