President of TMSF, Gülal: We will transfer a resource of 1,200 million lire to the Treasury

SDIF President Muhiddin Gülal said: “In the Ataşehir Modern project, where we expect a revenue of at least 2.7 billion lira, we will transfer a resource of approximately 1.2 billion lira to the Treasury after deducting the expenses to be made.”

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The presentation of the “Ataşehir Modern” real estate project, built in Ataşehir, Istanbul with the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), was made at a press conference attended by the president of the SDIF, Muhiddin Gülal.

Realized with the motto “The New Focal Point of the City: Ataşehir Modern”, the project, consisting of 979 residences and 44 commercial units, was put on sale with different options of apartments, an average of 15 thousand lira per square meter , an interest rate of 0.99, maturity up to 120 months and a 10 percent discount for launch.

Speaking at the meeting held at the Ataşehir Modern Sales Office, Gülal said: “In the Ataşehir Modern project, where we expect a minimum income of 2.7 billion lira, we will transfer a resource of approximately 1.2 billion lira to the Treasury after deducting the expenses of making . “

Gülal stated that, with the project, a file that the TMSF has been following for many years will be closed and said:

“With the Ataşehir Modern project, we are bringing the SDIF guarantee together with our citizens who want to have a home in addition to the deposit insurance business; at the same time, we are transferring an important resource to our state coffers. With the success of the Ataşehir Modern project, the Balkaner Group’s debt collection process will end and a file that it has been following for years will be closed. “blank

Expressing that they want to show the power of the Turkish economy while uniting citizens with the guarantee of the SDIF with the project they present in a process where the effect of the global epidemic continues, Gülal,

“At the Ataşehir Modern project, which we have built on land with an acquisition value of TL 435 million and expect a minimum revenue of TL 2.7 billion, we will transfer a resource of about TL 1.2 billion to the Treasury after deducting expenses. . to be made.

Our goal is to deliver our project, in which approximately 280 people work in compliance with pandemic measures, on October 29, 2023, with the power and guarantee of the SDIF ”.


Ataşehir Modern is located in Ataşehir, the new center on the Anatolian side and which will turn Istanbul into an important financial and commercial center of the world. Ataşehir, who has the award for the best “City of the City”, in terms of urbanization and quality of life; It differs from other regions in that the level of provision of basic services such as urban infrastructure, communications, transportation, green spaces and housing is above the minimum standards. Of the approximately 425 thousand inhabitants of Ataşehir; Aiming to respond to its developing face and modern needs, Ataşehir Modern is the latest major housing project in this region.


Ataşehir Modern, as a prestigious project, addresses the life and investment expectations of home buyers. The project is offered to home buyers with an interest rate of 0.99 for TL 15 thousand per square meter, a maturity of up to 120 months and a 10 percent discount for launch. The fact that it is mainly in the focus of branded housing projects, educational institutions, parks, health and sports centers adds value to the project. Furthermore, since it is located at the intersection of the connecting roads of the E5 and E6 motorways, it provides quick and easy access to the main arteries.


Ataşehir Modern offers a people-oriented lifestyle that is needed today. In order to produce modern solutions suited to the different demands of life with the project; In the plot, which is 34,145 square meters in total, options are offered to buyers with 3 independent mixed housing blocks. Each block provides private and unique living spaces for users of different ages and life groups. The blocks bear the names “Arya”, “Beste” and “Opera”, which evoke the harmony and rhythm of these different lifestyles.


Ataşehir Modern, with its green and social areas and comfortable apartments, gives its residents an understanding of life above the standards. The Ataşehir Modern project, which was built on a total of 238,752 square meters and rises in 3 blocks (with a salable area of ​​167,208 square meters), consists of a total of 1,023 independent sections, 979 of which are residential. and 44 of which are commercial areas.

In the project, which aims to satisfy all your needs and has a total green area of ​​10 thousand 392 square meters; There are indoor and outdoor pools, gym, sauna, basketball court, skateboard and bike rinks, playgrounds for children and many other social facilities.


In the anti-seismic, energy efficient and fireproof project; There are 347 1 + 1, 265 2 + 1, 261 3 + 1, 74 4 + 1, and 32 5 + 1 floors ranging from 32 square meters to 307 square meters. Ataşehir Modern, which has a social facility of 7,858 square meters, has 1,514 parking spaces for cars. In the project, which has a charging station for electric cars in the interior parking lot of each block, there is also an open parking lot for guest vehicles.

The tower floors, which rise above the podium floors connected to the public spaces, are designed in a square shape; Dominate the view of the islands, Istanbul, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aydos forest. In the project, from the 18th floor of Block A and B; C Block, on the other hand, has ocean views from the 22nd floor. The project is in harmony with the surrounding skyscrapers with its construction heights, as well as exceeding the standards with the quality of its materials.


The residences are located around the central corridor and for common use. On the other hand, commercial units can be accessed directly from street level as much as possible. The main entrances of the blocks and the entrances of the commercial units are placed on the faces of the facing blocks.

With this approach, although they are located in different building blocks, a different interface (the potential for humans to connect with the city and other people) was conceptually and physically created between the blocks, in addition to the city. The parking lot is designed underground to serve the residents of the block to which it belongs.

In the Ataşehir Modern Project, there are 979 residences, 44 commercial units, 238 thousand 752 square meters, total construction area of ​​the building, 10 thousand 392 square meters of green area, 7 thousand 858 square meters, social facilities, sports center, 1514 parking spaces.

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