Postscript, SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores, received a $ 35 million investment

Help Shopify stores stay in touch with customers through spam-free SMS, complying with the law and user wishes Postscript, GreylockSeries B investment tour led by Investment of 35 million dollars Tura YC Continuity Fund, OpenView and other investors also participated. With the investment, Greylock partners Sarah Guo and Mike Duboe joined Postscript’s board of directors.

The company has grown very rapidly over the last year. Postscript, which had 14 employees and approximately 530 customers in December 2019, is currently Has more than 3,500 clients and 61 employees. When the company was founded, it was considered more of a one-way post for Shopify stores to market to existing customers. However, you are now increasingly trying to interact with customers in two ways. Postscript helps customers place new orders via SMS, subscription management, and reviews.

Postscript is only compatible with Shopify stores. They are developing an API to allow deeper integrations with other Shopify plugins, but still all the APIs developed are related to Shopify providers for now. Brands in the postscript generated nearly $ 500 million in revenue by sending hundreds of millions of text messages in 2020. The company is also a member of the Shopify Plus Certified Application Program.

Postscript co-founder Alex Bellersays that e-commerce is a constantly growing sector and that they are positioned in the right place. Adam Turner, CEO of Postscript says SMS has emerged as a new category of customer communication, with unprecedented engagement, return on investment and growth in brand trust.

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