Polaroid photo booth for Home

Polaroid, the instant camera that holds an unshakable place in our hearts, remains a very popular brand today. While the machines used for souvenir photos are buried in history with the effect of smartphones, the interest shown by Polaroid is incredible. Parallel to this interest, Polaroid continues to produce new solutions for its users with modern technology. Mini Waterproof Printing Printer Polaroid Hi-Printgive a retro photo print on smartphones Polaroid Laboratory Y Polaroid Pop was one of them. Now it will be the favorite of the days of quarantine Photo booth at home there is following.

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Every surface becomes a photo booth with the photo booth at home

At-Home Photo Booth is an instant camera designed to mount on a wall or on a table; has a stand for it. Shoot with its compact front camera, making it easy to take selfies. In addition to its function, it adds a retro atmosphere to living spaces with its unique design. The device can print 2 x 3 inches using ZINK Ink technology. Before the photo is printed, the user can add personal touches and fun details to their shots with built-in filters and effects. With the device, you get access to a large library of filters, labels, frames / borders, text, freehand drawing, and augmented reality features.

The device has a 10-inch touchscreen with 16GB of internal storage and a built-in microSD card slot. It also allows you to quickly share photos with multiple devices. Share now It also has a so called QR code feature. The device was created in association with Arcade1Up, known for producing gaming machines and cabinets.

Photo booth at home, objective Y Best Buy It is available at retailers as $ 350.


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