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Although many of us don’t know it as the name we have as kids, the pirate toys that we love to play with are actually tested as non-original figure toys. Thanks to its affordability, availability and unique aesthetics, in addition to original figure collectors, pirate figure production is an artistic trend. Interest in pirate figures, which is an interesting draw that licensed toys don’t have, is increasing as well. About toys and I grew up with figure toys. Selin Arısoy and Free couple what’s more LaserPigeon produces its own pirate figures.

The Pirate Adventure of Team LaserPigeon

Selin and Özgür, behind the LaserPigeon training, are two friends who met from university. The duo, who admire the toys, pop culture and design language of the 80s and 90s, are themselves collectors and also create new pirates whenever they find time at LaserPigeon. Although this journey, which the two graphic designers started 3 years ago, is interrupted by the intensity of their work, they complete the production process with the same enthusiasm that they find and design new ideas.

Production takes place as a result of joint brainstorming

Selin produces the packaging designs, illustrations and all productions made on behalf of the graphics. Özgür, who has worked with pirate figures since childhood, designs the contour, pattern and anatomy of the figure. Of course, they brainstorm and think together about what they can produce during the production process. What are the pirate figures made before, what has never been done, it would be more interesting what they do, decide together and go into production. They provide the raw material from producers in subject Turkey. Selin, global toy Easily available to the manufacturer for brands that they cannot find in similar offers in Turkey, they say they chose this path.

laser pigeon

Binary, especially for work, is higher than the cost abroad in Turkey, at the same time running, not only as a secondary hobby. Selin and Özgür share the information that they work in different styles, from various limited special productions to figures prepared for distribution at weddings. On the other hand, in line with the request of the other party, some of these works are bill they cannot share.

Selin and Özgür say they will continue production as soon as their new series is on the way. In addition to the designs they want, they also evaluate the offers, since they see this production as a job.

Visual: Selin Arısoy

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