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Turkey’s exports of the automotive industry in February, an increase of 0.7 percent compared to the same month a year earlier was 2.5 billion.

The Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Union (OIB), according to the statement, received the largest share with 17.4 percent of Turkey’s exports in the automotive sector in February.

The auto industry reached its average monthly foreign sales before the epidemic, with exports of $ 2.5 billion in February.

In February, on a product group basis, passenger car exports decreased 19 percent to $ 876 million, motor vehicle exports for transportation increased 45.5 percent to $ 527 million, bus-minibus-midibus exports decreased 53 percent to $ 68 million. Supply industry exports were recorded at $ 957 million, an increase of 13 percent.


Exports of “cranes”, which are among other product groups, increased by 80 percent in February compared to the same month of 2020 and reached 80 million dollars.

In this process, exports to Germany, which has the largest amount of exports in the supply industry, increased 24 percent, Italy 28 percent, France 14 percent, the United States 18 percent, Russia 52 percent and Spain 37 percent. There was a 55 percent increase in exports to Slovenia and a 125 percent increase in Morocco in passenger cars.


On the basis of the group of countries, the European Union (EU) countries, which signed exports of 1 trillion 670 million dollars, received a 66 percent share of exports. Exports to other European countries increased by 23 percent and exports to African countries increased by 13 percent.


OIB Board Chairman Baran Çelik, whose assessments are included in the statement, noted that there was a double-digit increase in the supply industry and the export of motor vehicles for the transport of goods in February, “The sector Automotive, which directly employs 300 thousand people and has been the export champion for the last 15 consecutive years, our goal is to export one billion dollars. The fact that we reached the average monthly export before the epidemic with the export of 2.5 billion dollars last month has given us a morale on the way to reach the goal. “He used the expressions.

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