Paintings created with plastic bags instead of paint

Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur uses classic paintings created entirely from plastic waste to waste from the ocean. drew attention. Now, New York artist Hugo McCloud is on the agenda with his works, which he cuts and melts only from disposable bags without using paint or glue. A series of 31 pieces produced by the artist with this technique Overwhelmed named. Unlike Srur’s project, McCloud doesn’t recreate any iconic paintings, he makes his own original works out of waste. In this process, he develops techniques appropriate to the spirit of the material. Furthermore, beyond drawing attention to the problem of waste, it accepts that existing waste will not be destroyed for many years and follows the path of adopting waste as a true art material.

A philosophical view of waste that goes beyond class and geography: Overwhelmed

McCloud His works can be described as a kind of collage. The subjects of collages are generally workers at work. There are different figurative compositions, from workers carrying objects on their backs and bicycles to refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean by boat. In addition to providing an interpretation of the environmental impact of disposable plastic in this series, the artist also emphasizes how this ubiquitous material transcends class and geography.

During the preliminary preparation of the collages, the artist draws the composition on a wooden panel. He cuts the pieces out of the plastic bags individually and lays them on top of each other as individual brush strokes before combining them with an iron. Being transparent due to the nature of the material allows one layer to get different colors with other layers applied over it. The artist emphasizes that a lot of planning is necessary before starting to work with this material. The plastic points out that once it is ironed onto the panel, you don’t have a chance to remove or cover it. You can see this difficult building process step by step on Instagram posts.

The plastic bags used to carry out the works were purchased at recycling centers and waste management companies. In addition, the artist himself collected bags from the street from time to time and collected what was given to him during shopping.

With a background in industrial design, McCloud is known for creating “images” from unconventional three-dimensional materials such as bitumen or aluminum siding. The artist produced the series Burdened while he was in his quarantine in his studio in Mexico. The series is currently set in New York. On display at the Sean Kelly Gallery and will continue to meet with the public until February 27. The artist’s work Instagram You can also move on.


Visual: Instagram

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