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Long live the vulva, Normal blood Collecting prizes with successful campaigns such as, wombstories Libresse (also known as Bodyform), which shares stories in which every woman can find a part of herself with her tagged campaign, presents a campaign that breaks taboos. The theme that the brand wants to emphasize this time is endometriosis, also known as a chocolate cyst.

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Endometriosis; A uterine disease that can cause severe pain, bleeding, fatigue, and infections. The pain of this disease, which affects almost 1 in 10 women, is not easily detected because it is considered a very painful period. For this reason, and the disease is not taken seriously, the average time of diagnosis can reach 7.5 years. More than 176 million women worldwide are believed to have endometriosis.

Definitions of pain in patients with endometriosis

This pain has such an effect on the person that it can lead people to depression, affect their relationships and, in some cases, even lead to suicide. Research states that 40 percent of those with the disease have quit their jobs or are fired for this reason. Drawing attention to the topic of endometriosis, Libresse, created by AMV BBDO #pain With his campaign, he aims to increase awareness and shorten diagnosis time.

Created for the campaign A dictionary of pain (Pain Dictionary) contains definitions of pain made by endometriosis patients. Instead of expressing pain in a certain number range, such as 1 to 10, he creates a visual language thanks to his powerful drawings. Contributors include illustrator Venus Libido, who suffers from endometriosis, and textile artist Ellie Pearce. With art, Libresse aims to transform the silent scream created by this pain into a structural form.

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Libresse aims to speed up the process of diagnosis and treatment

Thanks to this ongoing project, those with illnesses will have the opportunity for doctors to express their pain more accurately. Being able to identify pain with a description will also speed up the diagnostic process.

Accompanying the PainStories campaign The Museum of Pain (Ağrı Museum) is an online exhibition where works of art will be exhibited and patients and experts will give speeches on the situation. It is also offered for information about the campaign. The pain report (Report on Pain) contains interviews with 30 expert women from various disciplines and 20 women with endometriosis. The report, which collects information from different cultures, includes opinions from different countries, from the UK to Argentina, from Saudi Arabia to China.

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Client: Essity (Libresse / Bodyform)
Campaign: PainStories
Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Alex Grieve
ECD: Nadja Lossgott, Nicholas Hulley
Creative Director: Toby Allen and Jim Hilson, Nadja Lossgott and Nicholas Hulley
Editor and Art Director: Augustine Cerf, Lauren Peters
Design: Mario Kertstra, Jack Donovan
Planning: Margaux Revol, Beatrice Farmelo, Bridget Angear
Public Relations Agency: Ketchum
Research Company: The Outsiders
Researcher: Steven Lacey, Zoë McQuillin

Picture: Free

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