Package designs that focus on McDonald’s products

Earlier this year, Burger King changed its logo, which has been in use for more than 20 years, to a simpler, more digital visual identity. have done. McDonald’s, the archrival of the fast food company, adds joy to the brand by redesigning all of its packaging. The redesigned packages and McDonald’s packages highlight the brand’s fun perspective. Pearlfisher by creative agency designed The packs stand out for their eye-catching graphics and vibrant colors. The most recognizable and iconic aspect of each item is highlighted. This helps McDonald’s to use its brand positioning effectively.

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Aesthetically minimal and easy to recognize packaging and packaging

Pearlfisher, who wants to show the fun side of McDonald’s, uses the graphic representations of the product instead of the messages in the package design. Vector-style illustrations are preferred over older package designs with a more typographic focus. For example, the Big Mac box caricatures the layers of the hamburger content. Offers a cross-cut burger slice. Cold blue waves can be felt in Filet-O-Fish, melting cheeses on the Cheese Quarter Pounder menu.


McDonald’s attaches importance to its new packaging being fun and memorable. Makes it easy to guess which product belongs to which by looking at the packages. Colors chosen relatively close to the brand’s color palette increase this recognition. Each of the designs, from Big Mac to McFlurry, from French fries to Egg McMuffin, are designed differently, making the packaging process easier for employees.


McDonald’s modernizes the brand with a redesign

Pearlfisher Creative Director Matt Sia emphasizes that they take care to ensure the packaging is functional, aesthetically minimal, emotionally entertaining, and recognizable. McDonald’s aims to remind its customers what kind of brand they are and what they want with packages that reach more than 60 million people every day.


Agency: Pearlfisher
Vice President: Hamish Campbell
Creative Director: Matt Sia
Design Director: Tiffany Bacani
Senior Designer: Alex Wagner
Designer: Shruti Shyam
Awareness Manager: Brandi Parker
Account Manager: Justine Allan
Client Director: Courtney Tight
Client Manager: Teri Neis
Collaborating agency: HAVI

Picture: Pearlfisher

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