Overwolf, which allows the development of mods for PC games, received an investment of 52.5 million dollars

It is an initiative that offers solutions for players who want to create mods and additional tools for PC games. Overwolfannounced that it has received a new investment. According to information provided by Overwolf, the initiative, C Series Investment Tour $ 52.5 million Investment received.

In 2009 only Rabinovitz, Gil OR, Nir Finkelstein Y Uri marcher Founded by Overwolf, it allows you to easily add mods to popular games. To more than 30 thousand content producers to date on the Overwolf platform More than 90 thousand mods Let us also share what has been developed.

According to the information we have obtained from the initiative, Overwolf has 18 million monthly active users among thousands of games. Between these games Minecraft, World of Warcraft Y Fortnite There are also quite popular productions like. Overwolf, one of the companies that grew up with the pandemic, lost its revenue during this period. 300 percent He also managed to increase the rate.

New investment of 52.5 million dollars received Griffin Gaming Partners Y Insight Partnerstook place under the joint direction of. Except for Griffin Gaming Partners and Insight Partners, C Series Investment Tour Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, Meg Whitman, Kevin Chou, co-founder of Gen.G, Marker, Intel Capital Y Liberty MediaLet’s add that ‘united.

With the new investment of 52.5 million dollars, the total investment received by the company to date is For $ 74.7 millionreached. Announcing its new CurseForge Core service with the investment, Overwolf, Curse forge core offers an SDK that can be integrated directly into the game itself for easy mod creation.

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